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22nd March 2017Today we had an extra server-save at 13:30 CET to fix a few minor bugs.
19th March 2017Update: The client has been updated today, if you started the client before 19:20 CET today, please restart your client as soon as possible for your own safety! We will also tonight update the game, it wont be offline for more than 1 minute, and the update is about to bring in new and fresh high-level content.
19th March 2017With the next morning-save, March 19, the scarab digging system have been updated to work exactly like rl tibia.
You can check wikia here how it works.
Also a few system updates have been made to make the game stronger and smoother.
17th March 2017Never use a TeamSpeak server you don't know or trust! it can be a security risk for you!
You are more than Welcome to use DarkOT's own TeamSpeak Server, there you can chat safe without someone trying to hack you or get your IP address!
17th March 2017DarkOT has been updated!
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Character Information
NameBlacka Darksoul
ProfessionMaster Sorcerer
GuildHis gun go of Family
HouseMarket Street 4 (Shop) (Venore)
Last LoginMarch 25th 2017, 02:07 CET

Account Information
CreatedDecember 23rd 2016, 01:13 CET
StatusPremium Account

Character Signature
Image Address
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Quests view all quests >>
Behemoth questdemon shield, golden armor, guardian halberd, life ring, platinum amulet, 3 small diamonds, crystal ring, 4 small sapphires
Demon helmetdemon helmet, demon shield, steel boots
Demon keyKey: 6010, parchment, skull, bone, 2 talon, stealth ring
Orc fortressknight armor, knight axe, fire sword
Queen of the bansheesboots of haste, giant sword, tower shield, 100 platinum coins, stone skin amulet, stealth ring
The Ancient Tombshelmet of the Ancients
The AnnihilatorOne of: demon armor, magic sword, stonecutter axe, present
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction600 gp, Gemmed Lamp, permission to trade with Yaman and Alesar, possibility to hunt Blue Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The Djinn War - Marid Faction3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, possibility to hunt Green Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The Pits QuestOne of winged helmet, war armor, war legs, bunny slippers, eagle shield, warrior's crossbow.

Exp History
Best Exp Day
2 day ago+1,263
3 day ago0
4 day ago0
5 day ago+1,684,914
6 day ago-1,542,259
7 day ago+165,925

Character Deaths
March 25th 2017, 02:07 CET
Killed at level 201 by Centipede, Chad, 3 Dragons, Dragon Lord, 3 Heros, Kreylvoine, Minotaur Mage, Scorpion, Stone Golem, 5 Warlocks,
March 23rd 2017, 13:58 CET
Killed at level 200 by Dynam Archmage, Dynam Warlord,
March 22nd 2017, 22:57 CET
Killed at level 200 by Dynam Leader, 2 Dynam Warriors,
March 22nd 2017, 21:57 CET
Killed at level 201 by Blacka Darksoul, Chad, Dragon, 2 Dynam Leaders, 4 Dynam Warriors, Lord Mate, Vint Healar,
March 22nd 2017, 18:23 CET
Killed at level 200 by Geten Springer,
March 20th 2017, 19:06 CET
Killed at level 199 by Blacka Darksoul, Feminist Javisst, Helena marklund, Sda Haert, Stokkish,
March 20th 2017, 15:23 CET
Killed at level 198 by Dynam Leader, Dynam Warrior, Dynam Wizard,
March 19th 2017, 21:53 CET
Killed at level 199 by Cheater, Neytiri te Tskaha, Runes kill, Shook one,
March 19th 2017, 21:36 CET
Killed at level 200 by Bandit, 2 Centipedes, Cheater, Hunter, 3 Minotaur Archers, Minotaur Mage, Shook one, Tarantula, 3 Wild Warriors,
March 17th 2017, 18:32 CET
Killed at level 200 by 7 Lizard High Guards, 5 Lizard Legionnaires,
March 15th 2017, 18:33 CET
Killed at level 200 by 16 Grim Reapers, Pak Hardmode, Vint Healar,
March 3rd 2017, 22:45 CET
Killed at level 200 by Pawlak, Therian,
February 28th 2017, 16:53 CET
Killed at level 201 by Booom, Lajzer of the year, Meksykanska Morda, Teh Une, Wortortle, Zikk, Zuzawoh,
February 28th 2017, 16:26 CET
Killed at level 201 by Blacka Darksoul, 3 Ghouls, Lajzer of the year, Pijak, Teh Une, 6 Vampires, Wortortle, Zikk,
February 28th 2017, 15:48 CET
Killed at level 202 by Ancient Scarab, 3 Crypt Shamblers, 2 Cyclopss, 10 Dragon Lords, Elder Beholder, 2 Gazers, 2 Ghouls, 3 Giant Spiders, Larva, 3 Minotaur Archers,
February 26th 2017, 13:30 CET
Killed at level 201 by Arski, Black Masha, Lajzer of the year, Sruba, Uhow tak Wiele, Zikk,
February 26th 2017, 13:26 CET
Killed at level 201 by Blacka Darksoul, Booom, Druidish, Grim Reaper, Oldschooltibia, Zikk,
February 26th 2017, 01:25 CET
Killed at level 202 by Frost Dragon, Geten Springer, Therian,
February 25th 2017, 19:04 CET
Killed at level 201 by Daddy Ducky, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae,
February 25th 2017, 14:43 CET
Killed at level 202 by Arski, Black Masha, Booom, Dragon, 5 Dragon Lords, Geten Springer, Uhow tak Wiele,
February 25th 2017, 01:53 CET
Killed at level 199 by Ancient Scarab, 6 Dragon Lords, Elder Beholder, 3 Gazers,
February 23rd 2017, 16:30 CET
Killed at level 193 by Mucha Paladin, Wortortle, Xefar,
February 23rd 2017, 12:23 CET
Killed at level 191 by Blacka Darksoul, Cronos, Fury, Lajzer of the year, Pawlak, Pijak, Uhow tak Wiele,
February 22nd 2017, 22:12 CET
Killed at level 194 by field item
February 22nd 2017, 21:31 CET
Killed at level 194 by field item
February 22nd 2017, 21:17 CET
Killed at level 195 by field item
February 22nd 2017, 18:14 CET
Killed at level 195 by field item


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