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NameZaga Nino
ProfessionMaster Sorcerer
Last LoginJanuary 21st 2017, 02:20 CET
Team-BattleHave won 1 out of 1 arena attempts

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Behemoth questdemon shield, golden armor, guardian halberd, life ring, platinum amulet, 3 small diamonds, crystal ring, 4 small sapphires
Demon helmetdemon helmet, demon shield, steel boots
Demon keyKey: 6010, parchment, skull, bone, 2 talon, stealth ring
Orc fortressknight armor, knight axe, fire sword
Queen of the bansheesboots of haste, giant sword, tower shield, 100 platinum coins, stone skin amulet, stealth ring
The Ancient Tombshelmet of the Ancients
The AnnihilatorOne of: demon armor, magic sword, stonecutter axe, present
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction600 gp, Gemmed Lamp, permission to trade with Yaman and Alesar, possibility to hunt Blue Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The Djinn War - Marid Faction3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, possibility to hunt Green Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The Pits QuestOne of winged helmet, war armor, war legs, bunny slippers, eagle shield, warrior's crossbow.

Exp History
Best Exp Day
2 day ago0
3 day ago0
4 day ago+234,347
5 day ago+110,459
6 day ago0
7 day ago0

Character Deaths
January 19th 2017, 00:06 CET
Killed at level 76 by Elber Galarga, Heyko, (justified)
January 18th 2017, 06:54 CET
Killed at level 77 by field item
January 11th 2017, 22:11 CET
Killed at level 78 by Oldschooltibia, Outro, Peerandos, Tonny el Flaco, Tonny El Gordo, (justified)
January 11th 2017, 21:36 CET
Killed at level 79 by Monchitu, Peerandos, Wasp, (justified)
January 9th 2017, 01:43 CET
Killed at level 81 by Boneheimer, 2 Grim Reapers, (unjustified)
January 9th 2017, 00:14 CET
Killed at level 72 by 2 Dragon Lords, Meksykanska Morda, (justified)
January 8th 2017, 23:39 CET
Killed at level 69 by Dmlcrn, Kuru Kearis, (justified)
January 8th 2017, 00:25 CET
Killed at level 69 by Lion, Littleflower, Mrbottine, The Reis, Valkyrie, (justified)
January 7th 2017, 23:40 CET
Killed at level 70 by Pany, The Reis, (justified)
January 7th 2017, 22:30 CET
Killed at level 71 by Bimba, Bounyh Is Back, Dragon, Dragon Hatchling, 2 Dragon Lords, Energy Ring, Lonely, The Reis, (justified)
January 7th 2017, 22:05 CET
Killed at level 71 by Sds Flying Ppl Dying, (unjustified)
January 6th 2017, 21:55 CET
Killed at level 45 by Herr Rosah, Scarab, (justified)


Exp History
Best Exp Day
2 day ago0
3 day ago0
4 day ago+234,347
5 day ago+110,459
6 day ago0
7 day ago0

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