Bimba quest status

Rookgaard Quests
Al Dee Exchange questpick
Amber Exchange questshort sword
Banana palmbanana
Bear Roombrass helmet, chain armor, 12 arrows, 40 gold coins
Bear Room KeyKey: 4601
Billy Exchange questantidote rune
Combat knifecombat knife
Dragon corpselegion helmet, copper shield
Goblin templepan, 5 small stones, 50 gold coins, 4 snowballs, sandals, vial of milk
Key 0011Key 0011
Key 0013Key 0013
Key 0015Key 0015
Key: 4603Key: 4603
Lee'Delle Exchange queststudded legs
Minotaur hellcarlin sword, fishing rod, 4 poison arrows, 10 arrows
Presentbackpack with cup, jug, plate, present
Salmon questLetter, Salmon
Seymour Exchange questlegion helmet
Small axesmall axe
The Sword of FurySpike Sword
Willie Exchange queststudded shield
Monster Tasks
Ancient scarabs300
Dragon lords500
Dwarf guards500
Dwarf soldiers1000
Giant spiders1000
Minotaur guards500
Orc berserkers500
Orc riders300
Orc warlords100
Poison spiders100
Wild warriors100
Mainland Quests
Amazon questwhite pearl, 2 black pearl, skull, wolf tooth chain, dwarven ring, 100 gold coins, crystal necklace
Barbarian axebarbarian axe, scimitar
Battle axebattle axe
Battle hammer questbattle hammer, dark shield
Behemoth questdemon shield, golden armor, guardian halberd, life ring, platinum amulet, 3 small diamonds, crystal ring, 4 small sapphires
Berserk treasure175 gold coins, 3 white pearls
Black knight villacrown armor, crown shield
Blood herbblood herb
Bright Sword questbright sword, red gem
Crusader helmetcrusader helmet
Crystal wandcrystal wand, sudden death rune(3x)
Cyclops roomsmall diamond, 2 mana fluid, hatchet, chain helmet, chain armor
Dark armordark armor
Dark helmetKey: 4502, dark helmet, 4 throwing knives, blank rune, 33 gold coins
Dead archerlife fluid, mana fluid, 5 poison arrows, bow
Deeper Fibulatower shield, warrior helmet, dwarven ring, elven amulet, knight axe
Demon helmetdemon helmet, demon shield, steel boots
Demon keyKey: 6010, parchment, skull, bone, 2 talon, stealth ring
Desert quest100 platinum coins, ankh, magic lightwand, ring of healing, protection amulet
Devil helmetdevil helmet, halberd, 4 small sapphires
Double heroclub ring, red gem
Draconia questenergy ring, stone skin amulet, serpent sword, ice rapier
Dragon tower2 small sapphires, 30 burst arrows, 60 poison arrows, bow
Dwarven axedwarven axe, war hammer
Elvenbane questmorning star, dwarven shield, mana fluid, 100 gold coins, 2 small diamonds, spellbook, blank rune
Emperor's cookies quest27 cookies, Key: 3801
Explorer broochexplorer brooch
Fire axefire axe, 7 small diamonds, dragon necklace, ring of healing
Geomancer questsmall sapphire, small diamond, dwarven ring
Ghost shipplate armor
Ghoul roomclub ring, garlic necklace
Giant smithhammergiant smithhammer, 100 gold coins, talon
Goblin queststeel shield, silver amulet
Griffin shieldgriffin shield, dwarven axe, obsidian lance
Iron hammeriron hammer
Iron helmetiron helmet, longsword, worn leatherboots, letter, leather armor, sudden death rune(3x)
isle of mist2 small emeralds
Key 3899Key 3899
Key: 3001Key: 3001
Key: 3002Key: 3002
Key: 3003Key: 3003
Key: 3004Key: 3004
Key: 3005Key: 3005
Key: 3006Key: 3006
Key: 3007Key: 3007
Key: 3008Key: 3008
Key: 3301Key: 3301
Key: 3302Key: 3302
Key: 3303Key: 3303
Key: 3304Key: 3304
Key: 3520Key: 3520
Key: 3600Key: 3600
Key: 3610Key: 3610
Key: 3620Key: 3620
Key: 3667Key: 3667
Key: 3800Key: 3800
Key: 3802Key: 3802
Key: 3980Key: 3980
Key: 4009Key: 4009
Key: 4055Key: 4055
Key: 4501Key: 4501
Key: 4503Key: 4503
Key: 5010Key: 5010
Life ring questlife ring, dragon necklace
Longsword questlongsword, 76 gold coins, wedding ring, wooden doll, 3 blank rune, mirror
Mad mage roomhat of the mad, star amulet, stone skin amulet
Medusa shield questblue robe, skull staff, medusa shield
Mummy questsilver brooch, 2 small ruby, 3 small diamonds
Naginata questnaginata
Noble armor questnoble armor, crown helmet
Old Mintwallin Questbrass armor, brass legs, hatchet, 13 throwing stars
Orc fortressknight armor, knight axe, fire sword
Ornamented shieldKey: 3702, ornamented shield, dragon necklace, might ring, book, time ring, garlic necklace, 5 platinum coins, inkwell, spike sword
Orshabaal's HideoutOne of following, Magic longsword, Great axe, Arcane staff or Great shield
Panpipespower ring, 2 small amethyst, panpipes
Poison dagger30 poison arrows, poison dagger
Power ring questpower ring, bronze amulet
Purple tome questpurple tome, map, map
Queen of the bansheesboots of haste, giant sword, tower shield, 100 platinum coins, stone skin amulet, stealth ring
Ring questtime ring, sword ring
Sam's old backpack questdwarven armor
Scale armorscale armor
Senja Minotaur quest3 white pearls, broadsword
Shaman questmagic lightwand, axe ring, blank rune
Shaman treasure3 blank runes
Six small rubies6 small rubies
Spike sword questspike sword
Stealth ring queststealth ring, protection amulet
Steel helmet queststeel helmet, 103 gold coins
The Ancient Tombshelmet of the Ancients
The AnnihilatorOne of: demon armor, magic sword, stonecutter axe, present
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction600 gp, Gemmed Lamp, permission to trade with Yaman and Alesar, possibility to hunt Blue Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The Djinn War - Marid Faction3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, possibility to hunt Green Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The holy tiblethe holy tible
The Paradox TowerUp to two of the following: 10k gp, Wand of Cosmic Energy, 32 Talons, Phoenix Egg
The Pits QuestOne of winged helmet, war armor, war legs, bunny slippers, eagle shield, warrior's crossbow.
Throwing star quest10 throwing stars
Time ring questtime ring, elven amulet, crystal ball
Triangle towergarlic necklace, 2 small sapphires, dwarven ring
Tripple UH runeultimate healing rune(3x)
Troll cavebrass legs, garlic necklace
Two handed sword5 power bolts, 12 burst arrows, two handed sword, book
Vampire shield questvampire shield, dragon lance, mysterious fetish, black pearl, strange symbol
Voodoo dollvoodoo doll, magic lightwand
Wedding ringwedding ring, dragon necklace
White pearlwhite pearl

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