Name: The Ancient Tombs (Mainland)
Location: Ankrahmun Tombs
Min level: 75
Reward: helmet of the Ancients
Comment: Each character must take the kill of a pharaoh to be able to loot the pieces to the helmet. Thalas: There's already a teleport in the tomb leading to him, without help with switches. Dipthrah: No need to pull switches, just go for the teleport. Vashresamun: Ignore the instruments, just head for the door to west. Morguthis: the teleport at the 2 behemoths goes STRAIGH to Morguthis! so beware! Rahemos: ignore him, he isn't included in the quest itself. Ashmunrah: His the one to kill, enter teleport and put all helmet pieces on the counter and they'll become a helmet of the ancients! the floors and everything that I didn't mention, is like real tibia.

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