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30th March 2017An issue made players able to use paralyzes in events even thou they shouldn't able to.
This issue has been fixed and next event there wont be any paralyzes.
30th March 2017the sudden death rune has been changed back to it's original formula.
The last days it's been under a test to see how it would play out with decreased formulas, but it's back to normal now.
28th March 2017The downtime was caused by mayor network time-out that the hosting company had this morning.
Due to the offline time of DarkOT, we have enabled a 10% experience bonus that will last until next SS.
28th March 2017Today DarkOT was offline for a period of time between 05:16-07:57 CET.
The game was online internally but nobody could connect to neither game nor website during this preiod of time.
The reason for it is unknown yet and will be checked up on, we will post it here when we find what caused it.
27th March 2017Due to the shortage of houses, the inactivity rule about losing house if staying 30 days inactive has been changed to 14 days.
So from now on, if you fail to login to the game on your account for 14 days you will lose your house, house items will be sent to the town depot of which town the house was in.