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24th May 2017We have fixed so you no longer get PVP-Kill counts for killing players in events (PVP-System)
24th May 2017Today we added another Proxy in south USA (Dalls, Texas), that proxy should help anyone living in south USA and south America to connect better.
23rd May 2017Double exp weekend coming up!
Between the server-saves of May 25 until May 29 monsters will give twice the experience!
23rd May 2017Due to a website mismatch, all clients started before 10:45 CET today doesn't have the latest files.
Please restart your client so it can update itself to correct version.
22nd May 2017Together with next Server-Save, a few NPCs (ice islands and some other) will transport you as intended using bank balance. Also the blessings NPCs will stop offering blessings as they're worthless since the PVP-Update.