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25th July 2017Question is.. do you remember MasterCores.com?
8th July 2017
Newera has been merged into Antica!
21st June 2017Poll: Go back to original Tibia PVP systems with daily/weekly/monthly frags?
16th June 2017An issue with character creation was fixed!
The issue said the character was created, even if the name was already taken and the character actually wasn't created.
This issue has been fixed and now the proper notice will show up!
16th June 2017For brand new players: If you're having client problems, you can download a a fully updated client here.
If your client can't start properly, you need to whitelist it in your firewall!
The client works for all windows operation systems between Windows XP to Windows 10.
It also works under linux by running it in Wine.
Welcome to DarkOT 7.4!
This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting!
For example a few of the most popular things about 7.4!
  • No protection zone on boats
  • You can't walk up on 2 parcels unless you're already standing on one
  • You can lure monsters
  • You can rope monsters
  • You can stair-jump hunt monsters

Basic Content

  1. About DarkOT
  2. Game Features
  3. Money System
  4. Vocation Informations
  5. Start Playing
  6. PVP Systems
  7. Commands
  8. Rates
  9. Shared Experience
  10. TeamSpeak
  11. Quests
  12. Amulet of loss & Bless
  13. Runes & Manas
  14. Botters, Macroers and Cheaters

About DarkOT
DarkOT is a Real-Map RPG/PVP Server aimed to mimic the time of 7.4 Tibia but with some improvements.
Such as Existing Port Hope, boosted damage for knights and paladins and a bigger variety of creatures, quests and items.
The main game play is keept at 7.4 style!
And of course, 7.4 means there's no wands/rods available for mages, they're meant to start make runes at low level to exp!

Game Features
  • Custom 7.4 antibot-client with graphical options
  • Bot/Macro detections to make sure the game stay clean from cheaters
  • Enchanted PVP-Enforced
  • Rashid exist in Darashia (Straight south from depot)
  • You can play without being premium
  • Party offers automatic experience-share (The more vocations, the more exp bonus)
  • Tasks that can be shared even without party
  • No level restriction on items
  • No PZ on boats/carpets
  • Manual Aiming
  • Correct 7.4 monster behavior
  • Monsters can be lured anywhere
  • Loot Message that's fully configurable by player
  • Task Message that's fully configurable by player
  • No stairjump exhaust
  • Possibility to make UH traps
  • Bank system, deposit/withdraw/transfer

Money System

In DarkOT we aren't using normal standard money-system there you walk round with gold coins in your inventory!
In DarkOT, there's a bank balance there your money is always kept safe.
When you travel, buy or sell stuffs, money is taken/added to your bank balance.
Whenever you're using money in NPCs you'll get notified how much you used, and how much you have left.
If you're going to trade with a player, buying an item for example, you can write a bank check you can use to trade money.
with command !check"100 you'll create a bank check worth 100 gold, and can trade it or give it away.
Note: A check is only valid for 10 minutes, if it's not used within this time it will not be valid anymore and the money vanish.

Vocation Informations
All vocations regenerate 10x aster health and 20x faster mana than you did back in 7.4!
Promoted vocations have faster regeneration and also have 7% deathloss as base, while non-promoted have 10% deathlosses.
  • Sorcerer - 5 Hp/12 sec - 10 Mana/3 sec
  • Druid - 5 Hp/12 sec - 10 Mana/3 sec
  • Paladin - 5 Hp/8 sec - 10 Mana/4 sec
  • Knight - 5 Hp/6 sec - 10 Mana/6 sec
  • Master Sorcerer - 5 Hp/12 sec - 10 Mana/2 sec
  • Elder Druid - 5 Hp/12 sec - 10 Mana/2 sec
  • Royal Paladin - 5 Hp/6 sec - 10 Mana/3 sec
  • Elite Knight - 5 Hp/4 sec - 10 Mana/6 sec

Start Playing

When you start playing DarkOT you will create an character at level 8.
You will start in the city of your choose when you created your character.
If you'd like to play in Rookgaard, you simply just have to suicide your character until it goes below level 7 and you will automatically appear in Rookgaard.
But that's only recommended if you really want to go there.

PVP Systems

When you die as a player, you will never drop any of your items.
You will only lose 1% of your skills/magic, and a few % of your total experience depending on your PVP rank.
You will also lose money depending on your level.
As a level 10 you could lose around 100 gold.
As a level 50 you could lose around 2,500 gold.
And as a level 100 you could lose around 10,000 gold.
And depending on your PVP-Rank, you may lose even more.

If you're out killing players, you will receive up to 90% of the experience the player you killed lost.
You may also find some loot in the killed players corpse.
You will only receive experience from killing players that's higher than 2/3 of your own level, and also you will not receive experience from players 1/3 higher level than you.
PVP Ranks
RankKill RatioExp LossMoney Loss
Green Skull< 41%2x
Yellow Skull> 52%4x
Red Skull> 104%5x
Black Skull> 158%8x

You can use the command !kills to check your kills, deaths and your ratio.
You will lose 2 kills and 2 deaths every 20 hours, so eventually your kills/deaths will reach 0 again and becoming non-ranked.
Notice: A player with blackskull will recieve twice the damage from players.

Even thou it's PVP-Enforced the rules for Power-Abusing and Destructive-Behavior still applies.
That means you can't just roll around with a level 100 killing anyone you see that's an easy target.
It also means you can't go around being a complete jerk.
Breaking the rules will lead to punishments, so don't misstake PVP-Enforced for a free world without punishments.
The PVP-System is made to enchant wars and fights making them more fun and interesting, not to allow jerks to abuse everyone less powerful.

You can use the command !commands ingame to see which commands are available for you to use.

In DarkOT we use a custom made experience system which means our stages are built-in directly into the experience system.
In normal Tibia you'd need 4,200 experience to advance to level 8, but in DarkOT you only need 40 experience to advance to level 8!
So the rates start at around 100x and ends somewhere at 3x.

Share Experience
When you're in party, you're automatically sharing with everyone in your party that fulfill the requirements.
To share experience, you must be at least 2/3 of the level of the one who killed the creature.
You also need to have attacked an creature recently.
You get 20% bonus while sharing experience with other players.
You get 30% bonus if there's at least 2 vocations in the part.
You get 60% bonus if there's 3 vocations in your party.
And you get 100% extra experience if all vocations are sharing in same party.

You can use DarkOT official TeamSpeak server if you want a place to chat with friends.
DarkOT TeamSpeak offers several channels, so just connect and chose one to use.

All quests in DarkOT works 100% like they're supposed to in Tibia!
With exception of Djinns/Rashid which is free to access for anyone above level 30.
Other than that, the full quests need to be done correctly,
for example queen of the banshee quest, which you will need to complete the seals to finish the quest!

Amulet of Loss & Bless
The original AOL & Bless system is ancient and not used anymore.
Please view PVP Systems for more info.

Runes & Manas

It's possible to buy runes from any normal rune NPC.
However runes are expensive in 7.4 style, with the original 7.7+ prices of runes (175 gp for Uh, 325 for sds and so on..)

There are 4 different mana fluids obtainable in the game, these are mana, strong, great and ultimate mana fluids.
mana fluid cost about 50 gold and gives around 100 mana each (0.5 gp/mana).
And the stronger ones give a certain percent more then the weaker one, but in return they're little heavier, and cost a lot more.
Comparing mana fluid with ultimate, you'd get 27 times more mana for the same price using mana fluid instead of ultimate mana fluid, however in near-death situations something expensive might be worth it.

There's also 4 obtainable life fluids in the game, which at some point in the game could outheal an ultimate healing rune for knights, but cost a lot more than an ultimate healing rune.
Take a 200+ Elite knight for example, an ultimate life fluid could heal you almost twice as much as an ultimate healing rune, but in return costs 1,350 gp while the rune cost 175 max.
Also these fluids are heavy, so they're not the best to go out hunt for profit with, however it could be worth carrying a few in case you'd get almost headshot somewhere and ultimate healing rune can't keep your health up.

Fun Fact:
Normal 7.4 game play doesn't allow manas to be so cheap thanks to the point runes are cheap in mana and people would abuse this to get free magic levels and cheap runes.
However a system in the game made it possible to have these manas without people being able to abuse it for close to free runes.
The system work in a way to limit the amount of runes you can make while drinking manas, which will make you consider stop using manas or buy the runes instead.
The system wont make you cripple in the hunting grounds but will still make you annoyed to prefer not make runes while drinking manas. (same goes with any conjure spell)

However if you feel you want to use manas to use conjure spells there's an "old mana fluid" which is buyable in every mana shop.
This mana is ordinary with 7.4 game-style and allow you to use manas to create runes without you gaining too much advantages doing so by cheap mana and so on.
The "old mana fluid" cost 100 gp and gives AVG 65 mana.

Botters, Macroers and Cheaters
In DarkOT we will keep a clean game, together with the AntiBot-Client, combined with ingame detections and harsh punishments, we will delete any account that's been caught cheating in any way!
Bot, macro, tasker, lighthacks, whatever it is, whatever extra thing anyone use to make the game easier, will be punished with deletion WITHOUT WARNINGS.
If you happen to caught a botter in action that DarkOT haven't found yet. you can use the Client-CAM to record him, and share the video in the forum, in the report section with some information how long into the cam you'll see him botting.
If your cam is valid and the "cheater" is obviously cheating, he will be instantly deleted.


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