Welcome to DarkOT 7.4!
This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting!
For example a few of the most popular things about 7.4!
  • No protection zone on boats
  • You can't walk up on 2 parcels unless you're already standing on one
  • You can lure monsters
  • You can rope monsters
  • You can stairjump hunt monsters

  • Did you know this about DarkOT?
  • All quests of 7.4 is here! including the legendary sword of fury in Rookgaard!
  • Attack damages of weapons and runes are to 100% like tibia of 7.4!
  • (except that knights and paladins melee have been increased a little)
  • All NPCs of Tibia 7.4 is here, they say and offer the same things!
  • (For example Sam in Thais is a part of the dwarven armor quest!)
  • All Tibia 7.4 raids are here and are pretty common! Even Orshabaal raid is possible, even thou it's one of the rare ones!
  • You can stair-jump hunt creatures! stair-jump for example dragons, is something most people have enjoyed!
  • DarkOT is little of a special server you see,

    The experience-table have been changed to make it easier to reach levels.

    You will always gain 1x experience from creatures, but how much exp you need for each level is less than original tibias.
    In DarkOT you only need certain part of the experience to advance in level!

    This will keep the game hard, but not too hard, and will result in a higher quality in both game and community!
    Respect will grow among players and once more we can enjoy a game there respect matters!

    That sounds cool, doesn't it?

    For the skills stuffs now,

  • You'll gain skills twice as fast than original tibia.
  • You'll advance in magic level twice as fast. (4x faster mana * 0.5x in rate)
  • And you'll have twice the chance looting items from creatures.

  • At your first visit in DarkOT you will find yourself at level 8 with your chosen vocation in your chosen city with the basic EQ that fits your vocation
    Remember that monsters always give you 1x exp, but you need a lot less experience to advance in levels!
    Check Library > Experience Table how the experience works.


    For donations, the server hosting isn't for free, but the Administrator still pays for it from own pocket.
    Some help paying the host wouldn't hurt for a server that runs long-term.
    But most of the donations received will be used for advertisement purposes.
    So if you donate, you can be sure it will be used to gain more players!

    So when you donate, you can say you're helping the server to gain players!
    Also, at some advances you'll get some donation points, this is to give players that's unable to donate a chance to get something from the donation shop!

    Player killing is a part of the game, not mayor, but still a part.
    Some love it, some other hate it.

    When you kill another player, that does not wear any skull, it will be unjustified.
    You will gain a so called "frag".

    When you reach your 3:d frag, you will gain a red skull.
    You will have a red skull for 30 days.
    When you have redskull, you will always drop everything in your inventory when you die.
    However blessings for less exp/skill loss, will still work.

    When you reach your 6:th frag you will be banished for 14 days.

    How long a frag depends on your character status while making the kill.
    When you login you will always get a message that gives you how long it will take for your frags to decrease.
    But, the fastest is being promoted and having 30+ golden account days, this will give you 6 hour per frag.
    If you however only have a few days golden account, you will as promoted get 8 hours per frag, and as not promoted 9 hours.
    If you however doesn't have golden account, a promoted character will have 12 hours per frag, and a non-promoted will have 24 hours.
    There are many variables playing in on how long frag time you will have, but whenever you relog, you will get the new information!
    The reason the highest is 24 hours, is to keep game-killers away from killing too many noob-characters in attempt to kill the game by making all low levels quit.

    War mode is for those who enjoy wars but still don't want to risk redskull or collect frags that could be useful to kill thieves with.
    This system is very easy, to activate it you login to your account page and click "activate war-mode" on the character you want it on!
    Once you activate it, the character will be in war-mode for 3 days!
    You cannot remove war-mode once you activate it! so be sure you can handle 3 days of it!

    How it works in the game:
    When you login with war-mode, you will have a yellow skull on your character, and everyone you see that's in war-mode, will also be dressed with the yellow skull!
    But players that's not in war-mode, will not be able to see your yellow skull!
    When a player with war-mode attack another player with war-mode, he will not gain any white skull, Neither will he gain any frags if he succeed the killing!

    So war-mode is a way to war without getting any frags at all! however you will get a message every time you kill another war-mode player that says the kill was justified.


    It's possible to buy runes from one place within the game, in Thais depot from a NPC named "Sumret".
    The mission selling runes is to make sure there's a flow of runes in the community, The greater the flow becomes within the community without the NPC's help, the less and less of the runes he will sell.
    If the day would come that the NPC would not be needed anymore to make runes flow, he will dissappear until he's needed again.
    However his runes are expensive in 7.4 style, with the original 7.7+ prices of runes (175 gp for Uh, 325 for sds and so on..)

    Mana Fluids

    There are 4 different mana fluids obtainable in the game, these are light, medium, strong and ultimate mana fluids.
    Light mana fluid cost about 20 gold and gives around 50 mana each (0.4 gp/mana).
    And the stronger ones give a certain precent more then the weaker one, but in return they're little heavier, and cost a lot more.
    Comparing light mana fluid with ultimate, you'd get 3.9 times more mana for the same price, however in near-death situations something expensive might be worth it.

    Fun Fact:
    Normal 7.4 game play doesn't allow manas to be so cheap thanks to the point runes are cheap in mana and people would abuse this to get free magic levels and cheap runes.
    However a system in the game made it possible to have these manas without people being able to abuse it for close to free runes.
    The system work in a way to limit the amount of runes you can make while drinking manas, which will make you consider stop using manas or buy the runes instead.
    The system wont make you cripple in the hunting grounds but will still make you annoyed to prefer not make runes while drinking manas. (same goes with any conjure spell)

    However if you feel you want to use manas to use conjure spells there's an "old mana fluid" which is buyable in every mana shop.
    This mana is ordinary with 7.4 game-style and allow you to use manas to create runes without you gaining too much advantages doing so by cheap mana and so on.
    The "old mana fluid" cost 100 gp and gives AVG 65 mana.


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