Health: 1000
Experience: 900

Class: Undead
Max Combo: 685
Immunities: Fire, Poison, Lifedrain, Paralyze, Outfit, Drunk, Invisible,
Mana Sum/Con:--/--
Sounds:"Are you ready to rock?", "That's what I call easy listening!", "Let the music play!", "I will mourn your death!", "IIIIEEEeeeeeehhhHHHHH!", "Dance for me your dance of death!", "Feel my gentle kiss of death.",
Speed (lvl):1
Use Haste:No

Loot: Black Pearl, Blue Robe, Candlestick, Crystal Ring, Gold Coin, Life Crystal, Lyre, Poison Dagger, Red Robe, Ring Of Healing, Silver Amulet, Silver Brooch, Simple Dress, Spellbook, Stone Skin Amulet, Wedding Ring, White Pearl,

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