Here you can read about newly added areas that you might find interesting!
The numbers will be placed as close to the entries as possible on the map, also the details will reveal what type of entry you're looking for, and which creatures you will face once you enter the custom area.
However the list of monsters may not be exact, there may be mentioned more monsters, or less than actually is in the area.
But overall, the details should be very accurate.

1: (Shovel-hole, follow cave)
Frost Dragons

2: (stairs)
Hellspawns, Plaguesmiths, Demons

3: (stairs)
Earth Elementals, Bog Raiders

4: (close to The Annihlator)
Hellfire Fighters, Fire Devils, Gargoyles, Behemoths, Stone Golems, Juggernauts, Fire Elementals

5: (Close to the steamship)
Earth Elementals

6: (Shovel-hole)
Earth Elementals, Bog Raiders, Plaguesmiths

7: (Close to solo Banshee)
Destroyers, Lost Souls, Plaguesmiths, Blightwalkers, Betrayed Wraiths, Undead Dragons, Hellhounds

8: (Close to the last Bless NPC)
Worker Golems, War Golems

9: (Close to the Medusa Shield Quest)
Wyrms, Elder Wyrms, Grim Reapers

10: (Fall-hole)
Bog Raiders

11: (Stairs)
Lizard Legionnaires, Lizard High Guards, Lizard Dragon Priests

12: (Shovel-hole)
Beholders, Nightmares

13: (Stairs)
All kind of minotaurs

14: (Shovel-hole)
Dragon Hatchlings, Dragons, Dragon Lords

15: (Fall-hole)

16: (Little bit after first teleporter towards Queen of the Banshee Quest)

17: (Stairs)

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