In DarkOT the loot system is about luck! not statistics!

a creature that drops items with 1% rate, you can't expect that you WILL find the item within 100 killed creatures!

So short, every now and then the game calculates every type of monster that's in the game, if there should be luck or not.

So during a little time, you can kill 1000 dragons without looting anything else than gold and food.
But suddenly you'll loot 2 dragon shield within 4 dragons.

But in the long run, the monsters % loot chance match up even thou the luck system.

So when you go out hunting, don't count that you'll go profit! you may have the "unluck" the time you're going to hunt!

And honestly that's what the game is about, luck and unluck! and it's fun to talk about betweens friends too! which ones got umber-luck while others got such a bad luck!

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