Welcome to DarkOT 7.4!
This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting!
Do you remember 7.4? stair jump creatures, stalk your enemies and sneak them.. Read more..

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Short News
8th February 2017 - If you ever start lagging while playing DarkOT, pres CTRL + G and change login proxy, it may solve your lagg problems!

February 10th 2017, 20:14 CET - Website updated!
Today an update of the website was released.

It's not much changes to the eyes except that facebook was removed from the right panels and a new menu as created bottom of the page including link to facebook.
The big changes was behind the scenes to make the website a lot faster.
You should be able to notice that the website load a lot faster now, specially in latest deaths page.


Created by Marcus
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February 9th 2017, 12:23 CET - Don't get yourself hacked!
Lately I've had 5 cases of hackings that could be noticed happened via another server called "Oldwar".
That server have been advertising by PMs and other ways in DarkOT and when people have registered their logins have been stored for the Oldwar owner to later check with DarkOT.

Always assume that they will test your login information in varius of places!
There's even 2 cases of paypal accounts being hacked lately because those users used their paypal emails when registering at some server and then same password.

So please, don't be lazy.. figure out a unique password for each server!

If you want tips how to remember them easier, start using "keywords" as endings, that might help.
Etc if I like to use my password "catoveredge" everywhere.. I could start using "catoveredgeblue", "catoveredgered", "catoveredge55".
or "Iamcatoveredge", "2catoveredge", "thatcatoveredge".

You see that, it's very easy creating an unique password that's still easy to remember, you could also make that you use your same password everywhere, and the "extra part" you could write down..
for example, a text file with:
DarkOT - moma
Google - 77
Amazon - red
So the real passwords would be
(or similar):
DarkOT - momacatoveredge
Google - 77catoveredge
Amazon - redcatoveredge
You'd understand exactly what the file means, while others would scratch their head and have no idea wtf that was..

I hope this helps your creativity in making yourself way more secure on the internet!
The only limits are your imagination, so lift your limit and start figuring out your system how to stay safe!
But ground rule, NEVER put down full information of your password anywhere! use the above example, use your favourite password and have an "extra" to it.

sincerely, Your admin!

Created by Marcus
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February 8th 2017, 09:55 CET - Future of DarkOT is set!
We have decided not to reset DarkOT again, we will move in the direction of keeping the highscores active by auctioning out abandoned characters and expanding the end-game with new areas.
We have also started to advertise DarkOT more heavily to bring new and fresh players into the game!

But hear me on this one, no matter what anyone says, DarkOT will not reset again!

If you have any ideas you'd like to get heard about changes or what you'd like to see different for higher leveled characters, you're more than welcome to create a thread with your ideas in the suggestion board.

I hope you all enjoy DarkOT, and will continue doing so!
SIncerely, Your admin.

Created by Marcus
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February 4th 2017, 21:46 CET - New Warlock areas in DarkOT!
After tomorrows morning-save (Feb 5, 05:00 CET),
The monsters of Dark Cathedral have been replaced by Heroes and Warlocks.
The floors for Smugglers and Bandits (-1) contains Heroes and Priestess.
While the deeper floors (-2, -3) contains Warlocks, Dragons and Dragon Lords.


Created by Marcus
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February 4th 2017, 21:43 CET - DarkOT auction old characters
You can now bid on a character auction on the page here.
This is to make old characters being used again and give people with no time to play option to buy a character instead.
Also this auction will hopefully kill the black market of account selling (which many people are being scammed in).
Since the auction is 100% legit and you know you'll get the character safe and sound without risk of getting hacked later.


Created by Marcus
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