Welcome to DarkOT 7.4!
This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting!
Do you remember 7.4? stair jump creatures, stalk your enemies and sneak them.. Read more..

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Short News
1st January 2017 - DarkOT is launching on January 6 at 18:00 CET!

January 18th 2017, 17:50 CET - "Raddicus" permanently banished for spreading false information.
A player named "Raddicus" have lately roamed the forums spreading a lot of false information in attempt to damage the server, me and my reputation.
So to make things straight.

The server will not reset for a very long time, there's no plans of resetting it or whatsoever, possibly there might never be a reset again.
You can feel safe playing as much as you want!

2: Admins do NOT hack players!
It's completely retarded to just think admins would hack players in hope they'd donate after they hack.
Who the hell donates after getting randomly hacked?

3: of course there's support to get via mail!
You receive support based on your needs, of course nobody is ignored that really needs help.
But of course it can take some time to get some reply, there's hundreds of players sending mail everyday and there's only one who manage the mails and replies (me).
So by logic, I can't reply everyone the second the mail arrives.

4: Nobody is ignored!
Of course nobody gets ignored, unless they cause it themselves.
Etc by multiple times spamm mails with random stuffs and completely ignore staff how to write proper mails (etc informations and more)

If anyone is replying several posts with generally negative stuffs, take it with some salt, they might be another one trying to harm the server.
It's pretty popular these days by some kids trying to make people quit servers by talking negative and/or state reset will come shortly.

on another matter,
Do you have problems with a donation?
did you not receive your points, then read this thread!
Do not spamm support mail if you did not include the correct information.
So much time is wasted for me due to people continue to send mails with not enough information.

Created by Marcus
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January 15th 2017, 17:07 CET - All account password have been reset!
Due to the amount of lazy people who use same account/password on multiple servers, a whole bunch of people have gotten hacked.
Just because they're too lazy to imagine a new password for their account.

So now you all will have to recover your account by using the lost account function lost account
And for the love of god IMAGINE a new password, don't use an old one.
If you get hacked because you're too lazy to use different info between different servers you will get NO ASSISTANCE in case you get hacked.

And for love of god stop blaming the server for getting you hacked, DarkOT store your information safely, the only thing that get you hacked is your choices and actions.

Answer to weird statements:
Statement: Server hack donators to make them donate again to make money!
Answer: People who get hacked normally retire, they don't start donating, it would kill the server faster than anything.

Statement: Server leaks information/someone can access database.
Answer: If so, why is it that there's hundreds of TOP-LVLs that's still unhacked, and most importantly, why haven't any tutors, Cms or Admins got hacked yet?

Statement: anything
Answer: Stop blaming everyone else for the problems you caused in first place!

All accounts that has not yet been used after the password reset have gotten their old passwords back.
Accounts that was recovered keep their new passwords as they are.

If you have an account that you didn't recover, change the password ASAP to a secure one!

Created by Marcus
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January 6th 2017, 17:49 CET - Proxies
In case there's some massive DDos going on, keep in mind you can relog and enter the game on another "Proxy-Server".
There are 3 logins on your character list and all 3 of them are "stand-alone".
If one is attacked, the other two is fine.

Also notice that the USA-Proxy works pretty well for European players as well, so don't believe you can't use it just because it's named "USA Proxy".

Other than that, have a great time in DarkOT!
Sincerely, your admin!

Created by Marcus
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December 31st 2016, 10:34 CET - Team Battle Event
For those who's new to DarkOT, there are 2 events running every evening.
Last Man Standing and Team Battle.

These are events made for players to have some extra fun and to practise their PVP tactics without any losses.

Here's a video of a Team Battle a few months ago, the audio have been deleted by youtube but the video itself still show how fun the Team Battle can be!

You can read information about the events here:
Team Battle
Last Man Standing

I hope you all look forward to once more, face your enemies in DarkOT!

Created by Marcus
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December 31st 2016, 10:33 CET - DarkOT Highrate Launch
On Friday, January 6, 18:00 CEST we are launching DarkOT!
We hope you all are looking forward for this!

See you all online!

Ps, a few movies from previous DarkOT

Created by Marcus
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