The new world "Newera" has launched!
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22nd April 2017A small reboot was necessary to reload the death problem for all players.
The game is now online again!
22nd April 2017An issue that effected Newera alone, caused players not to lose items while dying.
This issue has been fixed and have already been reloaded.
21st April 2017If you wish to donate but there's no options that work for you, you can now donate Tibia Coins instead!
21st April 2017You can now do Desert Quest solo by simply using the switch!
21st April 2017You can find info about tasks here.
Welcome to DarkOT 7.4!
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April 24th 2017, 00:55 CEST - Bug abusing
Due to a bug in the casino the game of 1-6 have been tempoairly closed.
In total there was 345,812,976 gold made from this bug (Only Antica), a few people who have been absuing it has been deleted.
out of these money, 343,751,691 gold was traced down and removed.

Keep in mind, if it's obviously a bug and you gain an advantage, don't expect you can get away with it, even if you create a bunch of noob accounts to hide as much as possible.

Created by Marcus
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April 21st 2017, 23:11 CEST - Successful launch of Newera
The launch of Newera was very successful!
no signs of problems (beside a DDos attack that was barely noticable).
We broke the record of 450 players during the evening
But it didn't stop there!
It continue a little more

Thank you everyone, for playing and enjoying DarkOT!

Created by Marcus
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April 18th 2017, 20:13 CEST - Heavy advertisements for DarkOT has started!
The heavy advertising for the new world "Newera" has started.
The world will launch this Friday (April 21) at 18:00 CEST.

We hope you all will be there to say hello to the fresh new world!

Created by Marcus
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April 1st 2017, 14:37 CEST - DarkOT has been alive for 3 months
On Thursday, April 6, DarkOT has been alive for 3 months, it's a record for DarkOT since it launched in 2013!
We would like to celebrate this, so on between server save of Friday April 7 until server save of Monday April 10 there will be 50% experience bonus for everyone!

We would like to thank everyone for staying with DarkOT!
DarkOT is truly the only oldschool server with higher rates that can survive this long without resets!

And as promised, we will never reset DarkOT again!
As many of you already know, on April 21 we're launching our second world "Newera" that's identical to Antica (current DarkOT).
You can read the information about plans of Antica/Newera here: DarkOT -online

But understand this, DarkOT will NEVER reset again for any reason!

Created by Marcus
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March 29th 2017, 20:10 CEST - Update, March 29
Today we bring an update with a brand new quest in focus.
The Dynam Quest, required level to enter is level 150.
You can loot moon backpack, firewalker boots and one of following: dynam axe, dynam mace, dynam blade, dynam crossbow or spellbook of secrets.
The quest is located within the Dynams Fortress, how to open the passage is for players to figure out, a clue is given by the Dynam Lord which will yell the clue from time to time.
have fun solving it!

Fixed so you can buy old mana fluids again (a typo in all NPCs made it impossible buying old mana fluids).
Fixed a few map bugs in DC (warlocks area).
Fixed a small issue with speed in Team Battle.

Created by Marcus
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