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22nd March 2017Today we had an extra server-save at 13:30 CET to fix a few minor bugs.
19th March 2017Update: The client has been updated today, if you started the client before 19:20 CET today, please restart your client as soon as possible for your own safety! We will also tonight update the game, it wont be offline for more than 1 minute, and the update is about to bring in new and fresh high-level content.
19th March 2017With the next morning-save, March 19, the scarab digging system have been updated to work exactly like rl tibia.
You can check wikia here how it works.
Also a few system updates have been made to make the game stronger and smoother.
17th March 2017Never use a TeamSpeak server you don't know or trust! it can be a security risk for you!
You are more than Welcome to use DarkOT's own TeamSpeak Server, there you can chat safe without someone trying to hack you or get your IP address!
17th March 2017DarkOT has been updated!
We hope you'll enjoy the new website!
Welcome to DarkOT 7.4!
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March 22nd 2017, 22:40 CET - Admins birthday coming up!
Tomorrow is my 27:th Birthday and I thought we could celebrate that in our own way in DarkOT!

So from server-save of March 23 until server-save of March 24 all monsters will give 10% extra experience.
On top of this, all creatures will have a small chance of dropping a present, which might give you some surprising items.

Enjoy and good luck looting presents!

Created by Marcus
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March 21st 2017, 22:29 CET - Update at monring-save, March 22
With tomorrow server save, following things have changed:

  • Fixed a small core issue in the casino.
  • Added protection to items on basins in the casino. (you cannot touch the items unless you're standing in the room)
  • Added auto-aim detection to the core, and small parts detections to the game (it will expand more and more)
  • Added auto-detection for random bots.
  • Made so you can use mana fluids on corpses/water/casks to get a vial of blood/water/beer/m.m.
  • Fixed so NPC Maria in Venore sells wine as intended.
  • Fixed a lot of background things.
  • did a lot of background things, that's barely worth mentioning.
  • Remade the experience table.
  • Updated the online-page for future usage.

Created by Marcus
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March 21st 2017, 00:31 CET - Update at monring-save, March 21
Together with the morning-save tomorrow morning, March 21, there will be an update included.

Added a casino which you can travel to from any mail NPC.
When you leave the casino, you will be sent back to same town you cam from.

Added more grounds to Dynams Fortress (About double size).
Added 3 new and stronger Dynams monsters that's in a new basement.

Only players that's in events will get the event-status messages (such as how many are alive etc).
Only the initial messages and final messages will be fully public.

Remade the frag system to work faster and smoother.
Remade some parts of DarkOT core to work faster and smoother.

Also, a rule have been added that make it illegal for players to create redskull traps.

There's been some updates here and there, barely noticeable by players with exception custom areas page.
That one have been upgraded to being better and easier to check out!

Created by Marcus
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March 19th 2017, 19:51 CET - Update, New high level content
With tonights update following things have been modified:

Added Dynams, new group of monsters for high levels.
Added boss to Dymans, spawns once every hour.
Dynams are a group of monsters that you need to hunt in team, if you do you will profit, if you try alone, you maybe wont even be able to kill any.
Added new set of equipment that Dynams drop, the boss drops a shield that will only be dropped by the boss (very rare item).
Dynams items added to Rashid.

Removed Sumret and made all rune NPCs offer whatever Sumret offered before in Thais Depot.
Fixed an issue in Team Battle (join issue)
Fixed command !voucher
Fixed a small issue on website that made you unable to delete characters.

Before you login after the update, you must have restarted your client so it update itself. (Update was at 20:05 CET)

Dynams info:
They're located north-west of Ankrahmun, there's a passage in the mountain.
To enter you will need to pay 2 scarab coins.
You will not be able to hunt Dynams alone, but 3-4 players should be able to hunt them but it's preferred being 5+.
The Dynam boss is very harsh, to take him down you will need a 10+ player team that's organized.

Created by Marcus
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March 17th 2017, 14:05 CET - DarkOT Update
Today DarkOT received a mayor update.

  • Brand new website, little more modern than the old one.
  • Task information added to library.
  • Rewamped background systems for smoother usage.
  • New background
  • Downloads include a fresh client and a client with full mini-map
  • Ability to adjust loot messages (!loot_msg)
  • Ability to adjust task messages (!task_msg)
  • Ability to report bugs directly ingame (check account panel for info)
  • Rewamped banishment system (first ban 24h, second 48h, third 3 days, forth 7 days, and so on)
  • added warning system (5 warnings/week leads to banishment)
  • Upgraded dedicated server.
  • Prepared game for more advanced anti-bot system.
  • Prepared game for future continued updates and upgrades.
  • A lot of system changes for smoother game.
The website will receive small updates daily the coming days to being prepared for next planned step of DarkOT.
Stay tune to find out what!

Nop.. just nop.. we're NEVER reseting DarkOT again!

Interesting to know: has been online with 99.96% uptime since early 2013!

Created by Marcus
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