Signup terms

You may only create an account if you can accept that DarkOT own your account and we may do whatever we want to your account at any time with any reason!
We may modify, delete or do anything else we want without notifying you about it!

We reserve the rights to ban you at any time we want for any reason we want!

If you are trying to harm DarkOT with for example, but not limited to:
-Trashtalking it at any places.
-Killing new players for no reason.
-Pinging DarkOT host.
-DDosing DarkOT host.
-Attempting to hack other players or DarkOT.
-Threatening DarkOT (Ping/DDos/make players leave/m.m)
You will face punishments depended on what you're doing and how muh damage you've done!
Harming with network attacks will automatically ALWAYS lead to police reports together with all data&information we can gather from you.
Possibility of deletion of your account or even life-banishment you from DarkOT will be there if you do not follow rules and terms!

Also donate doesn't give you any extra-rights at any point! you will be treated as any other player!

FOLLOW THE RULES! we will not accept any violations and we will not change our minds whatever your reason was or how cute you talk!

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