I'm no longer able to take care of DarkOT, why DarkOT now is up for bidding.
You can find some details here >>
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25th July 2017Question is.. do you remember MasterCores.com?
8th July 2017
Newera has been merged into Antica!
21st June 2017Poll: Go back to original Tibia PVP systems with daily/weekly/monthly frags?
16th June 2017An issue with character creation was fixed!
The issue said the character was created, even if the name was already taken and the character actually wasn't created.
This issue has been fixed and now the proper notice will show up!
16th June 2017For brand new players: If you're having client problems, you can download a a fully updated client here.
If your client can't start properly, you need to whitelist it in your firewall!
The client works for all windows operation systems between Windows XP to Windows 10.
It also works under linux by running it in Wine.
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