How to join DarkOT?
What are the system requirements to play DarkOT?
Are there client programs for other operating systems (e.g. Linux or Mac OS)?

Account System

I have forgotten my password and/or account. What can I do?
Can I change my account information?
The email account my DarkOT account is assigned to has been hacked. What can I do?
Is it possible to transfer one or more characters to another account?
Is it possible to transfer characters to another game world?
Can I change my account number?
How can I delete my account?
When are accounts automatically deleted?
Can I rename my character?


How can I climb ladders?
How can I climb up a hole?
How do I regain hit points and/or mana?
What are damage types and how do they work?
What is the safest way to trade items with other characters?
When can I leave Rookgaard and can I return there once I have entered the main continent?
How do I send mail in DarkOT?
My letter or my parcel is stuck on the mailbox. Why does the sending fail?
I would like to promote my character. What do I have to do?
How do I buy a house?
I lost my house. What happened to my items?
Do I have to pay rent for my house?
I want to sell/leave my house, how do I do?
I have lost some items or skills. Can they be restored or do I get a compensation?
What is the secure mode and how can I turn it off?
What happens when my premium time runs out?
What happens if I kill another player?
What is a red skull?

Tutor&Game Staff

How can I become a tutor?


I have a great idea for DarkOT. Where can I send it to?
Can I get the map editor and make some areas for DarkOT?
Is it possible to take screenshots of the game?

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