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Apply to become a tutor in here -Trunced thread

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November 8th 2014, 08:54 CEST

October 22nd 2016, 17:30 CEST
Since you automatically become tutor if you get enough rep on the forums, there's no need for applications anymore.


Here you can apply to become a tutor in DarkOT.
Keep in mind that it's important that you're a nice person by nature, everyone that apply will be checked up on unannounced and secretly, to see who you really are.

Post your applications in here, and remember, the better application, the more serious I will take it.
Post with "I want to be tutor!" or similar short-worded posts will be ignored.
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#2 Tutor

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January 12th 2017, 02:29 CEST

January 13th 2017, 03:03 CEST
Name: Patryk
Nationality : Polish
Languanges Spoken : English and Polish
Tibia Experience : over 11 Years
On server since 11/01/2017
#3 Tuttor

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January 10th 2017, 00:10 CEST

January 18th 2017, 21:44 CEST
My name is : Nazguts in Game, and Rl Alejandro
Vocation: RP
Nationality: Venezuela
Languanges Spoken : Spanish. English and Portuguese.
Tibia Experience : over 15 Years.

Can i help on serv :)
#4 cmon

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January 16th 2017, 21:07 CEST

January 19th 2017, 10:31 CEST
marcus wake up you need to ban not just botters but main chars too...
also will you give me the tutor i wrote the first post from banned char that i donated with and killed too many botters just so i cant take my soft boots 0.0
Last edit: January 19th 2017, 10:38 CEST
#5 Future tutor

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January 7th 2017, 15:13 CEST

January 20th 2017, 02:23 CEST
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November 1st 2016, 11:16 CEST

January 21st 2017, 01:26 CEST
Serbian player

Speaks good english :*

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November 7th 2016, 16:29 CEST

January 21st 2017, 03:31 CEST
Just try give a tutor someone who will be active.

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February 4th 2017, 04:46 CEST

April 6th 2017, 01:36 CEST

Hello, my name is Jason and I hail from Canada, British Columbia.  I am currently 24 and will be 25 in the following month.

I have played Tibia for well over 14 years now, and have held the Senior Tutor position on RL Tibia until it was removed along with Gamemasters.  I still am a Tutor on the RL Servers but prefer not to login until I see a 7.x retro-style server cuz lets face it RL Tibia is boring unless you play with friends or your guild.

I have worked for and helped create some OTS Projects in the past, and have held any of the positions you could imagine down the line from Tutor to Mapper to Customer Support to Administrator although I'm sure you don't need to hear about my credentials as it would involve listing servers which either still do exist or died a long time ago.  It's just productive enough to say that I am a friendly type of guy and do not shy away from any question that may arise.
As for activity I am online almost every day at any given time, as I cannot provide a decent time frame I will just say that I am online between 12:00 and 04:00 most frequently.  Just started the server about a month and a half ago and am really enjoying it with my friend and his wife who tag along for adventures every now and then.

Anyways toodaloo, and have a good day/night everybody!

Last edit: April 22nd 2017, 03:23 CEST
Dank Herb

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December 16th 2016, 02:09 CEST

April 6th 2017, 04:22 CEST
Marcus i would like to speak with you via email, i have tried to email your email posted on website contact section.  
i can talk with you in more detail, i have helped you before with minor things on different char than this.   

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January 8th 2017, 14:30 CEST

April 6th 2017, 21:00 CEST


in fact I'd never wrote an Appication yet im looking forward to try me best here now ;)

I came back to TibiaOT server due to a chat with a old friend talking about the "good old times" we wasted playing Tibia all night long killing Heros in edron without any loot, that's where I decided to search for a decent OT, I started at a low rate server and enjoyed some Nostalgia, but since the server went from 200 player to 14 I decided to cut it off and keep my eyes open, then I received a "newsletter" about DarkOT, thats basicly how I landed here.

I played Tibia back then from 2002~ till 2008~ around that time I tend to be a tutor (the test was somehow weird) took me atleast 2 run's since I did not realize that Ronal Reagan was a President of the US (omg epic fail)

I'd like to be active in the Game-Chat, help around if it's needed, If there is something I dont know about I try to search the website for help, im not the allknown but I try to get as many Informations as i can get, I play DarkOT in my freetime which is basicly in the afternoon, I work full time, I'am married and yes, I have a social life. But i try to be online if my time allows me to, I remember we already had some nice Chats Marcus, and not too long ago we also talked about the need of new "Tutor's" its good to see you took care of that, even tho Lauri is doing a good Job already ! (#nohomo)

To me in Person, my name is Chris, I'am 29 ... ~cough~ rather 30 years old (in less than 48 hours!) and im from Germany, I'd say i got a decent englisch skill, my grammar might be horrible but due to the fact that it's not my native language im kinda fine with that.

I'd be looking forward to hear from you, wether if it's viá E-mail or you might catch me ingame, my Main Character's are displayed on my Profile.

sincerely, ~
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