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Update at morning-save, March 27

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November 8th 2014, 08:54 CEST

March 26th 2017, 23:22 CEST

Rework on mana fluids, now the follow exist:
mana/strong mana/great mana/ultimate mana.
The rule still exist that the weaker mana you buy, the a lot cheaper it is.

Added more more life fluids as an alternative for UHs for higher leveled knights:
life/strong life/great life/ultimate life fluid
Same rule here as on manas, the weaker life you buy the a lot cheaper you get it.
Life fluids heal stronger based on your level, however they cannot outheal a ultimate healing rune until you get to a greater level.
Keep in mind, Ultimate healing runes are still the main healing for knights.
Life fluids only offer more healing but for a much more expensive price.

You can now use mana/life fluids on other players than yourself.

Nerfed sudden death rune a little.
Introduced an alternative Sd rune called "Silent Death Rune" that's a little stronger that previous normal sudden death.
The silent death rune can only be used by players with magic level 35 or greater.

Power bolts are now buyable from ammunition sellers for 30 gold/each.
Fixed using strong haste right after normal haste, your character would only gain the speed from the first spell and ignored the second.
Removed paralyze from frost dragons to make them more attractive.
Travel NPCs will now send you to random places on your destination. (making boat traps harder to create)
Everyone have a set speed in events no matter their level. (about speed of a level 60)
You can no longer use magic walls in Last Man Standing

Other than these things, the bot-detection system have been activated and will start cleaning the game.

Edit for confused players:
If you used to buy ultimate mana fluid before this update, you're supposed to buy strong mana fluid now.
it give 25 mana less AVG but cost only half the price!
Last edit: March 27th 2017, 21:06 CEST
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