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War Mode, Fixing Needed...

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December 10th 2016, 04:15 CEST

January 10th 2017, 06:50 CEST
This War Mode stuff needs fixing if you ask me. I assisted in the PK of 3 ppl, with only 1 of them being unjust, and I've been in War Mode ever since which has caused me to be the target of other pkers. I don't mind pking or getting pked at times (it's a part of the game) but when I'm in War Mode all this time it sucks because I didn't set War Mode for myself and it's been days since I last killed someone. War Mode should only be active while you have frags in my mind or 24 hours after having 0 frags. This ruins the game for people who want to enjoy lvling and questing with friends when they always have to be weary of people looking to pk others in War Mode so they don't get RS. And raising the RS to 6 frags makes it even harder, with there being War Mode and 6 frags till RS allows people to PK non-stop basically since frags disappear quickly anyways. A revision needs to be made for War Mode so people who don't wanna PK 24/7 have an opportunity to play PVE without worrying about being pked because we're in War Mode, even though we haven't unjustly killed someone in days.
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October 24th 2016, 22:17 CEST

January 10th 2017, 11:59 CEST
Agreed warmode should only activate if u kill or assist in 3 kills as per usual but like mentioned above should only stay active untill ur frags hit 0 after "x" amount of hours. Once ur frags are at 0 shouldn't be in warmode unless you activate it onnsite or simple white skull/red skull comes into affect. Would discourage the "high" lvls from killing lower lvls or simply ppl who protect themselves from random pks. 

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October 24th 2016, 22:17 CEST

January 10th 2017, 11:59 CEST
Double post. 

Oh canada we love our beaver 
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Dank Herb

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December 16th 2016, 02:09 CEST

January 11th 2017, 01:21 CEST
i agree

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December 10th 2016, 07:19 CEST

January 11th 2017, 13:44 CEST
This entire system is fucking stupid, excuse my fucking language. You assist in killing a person with a skull and it counts towards your "warmode" count. Get 3 of them and you are fair game to anyone with warmode. Looks like more of a bait system than anything. 

Basically what I'm saying is, it seems like its a trap. If you help a friend from getting pked you get fucked. Change the status of this server to PvPE (Player vs player enforced) because thats what it seems like. 

Whats the point of a reset when your quality is still shitty?

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November 8th 2014, 08:54 CEST

January 11th 2017, 15:19 CEST
War-Mode is there for PVP.
If you don't want to be in PVP situations, then don't sneak around helping people kill others.

Your wish is that you should be allowed to kill anyone you like but nobody may kill you?..
Don't attack people if you don't want PVP.

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October 31st 2016, 12:36 CEST

January 13th 2017, 15:46 CEST
Dude maybe ure right BUT. If you want to pve get fucking out from darkot l0l
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