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January 1st 1970, 01:00 CET

January 12th 2017, 18:14 CET
Posted by Raddicus:
when i played 2 days ago. i was logged in carlin. with my donor shit. I log in today. my outfit is changed. i'm in ank, and my donor stuff is gone.

i was logged out infront of this house. 

21:44 You see an open door.
It belongs to house 'Thanah I d'. 
Michalek owns this house.

i see my boots and bow in there. so why would i be infront of this guys house since the last time i played i got pked at hellhounds, and had put my spare aol on in carlin temple
then had logged.

so this needs to be fixed.

i thought it was weird i had to recover my password since it had only been 2 days since i played. but why else would all my eq be gone, and i see every bit of it
in a house that i'm not invited to, but i'm logged out at right at their front door. now this isn't their money to steal, or money just to let happend what ever happends.
its money, my money i worked for, and paid to play this game with. if you do your search, you can even see i had to recover it. if you look hard in the accounts
you should be able to see the ips logged in. their should only be 2 different ips from playing here at my house, and my dads house when i go visit him.
Since you started to threat me on your mail to me before seeking for my assistance you can go ahead and start that lawsuit.
I am not forced by anything to help anyone if they get hacked, but most of the time I actually help just to be kind.
But in your case since you started to threat me straight off, you can go ahead and fix it yourself.

1: The account is each players responsibility, the game does not take responsibilities to any problems nor damages to the account during any time.
2: Donation is a donation, the agreement clearly states that you can never expect to get anything from any donation made.

If you don't like the terms of donation, you shouldn't donate to anything at anyplace unless you can get an exception form stating your grants out of the donation.

For future, Don't threat people when you need help, just ask for help...
Very few want to help people who straight up threats them on first contact attempt.
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