Aug 11 2019
DarkOT is launching on August 30, at 18:00 CEST.
Aug 06 2019
DarkOT has been moved to Miami for the upcoming Autumn 2019 launch.
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Fluids and Runes
In DarkOT we have multiple of different fluids to enchant your gaming experience.
Along with this, both runes and manas are stackable, to make the game more clean and fun for the players.

Mana Fluids
The smallest mana fluid costs about 50 gold, and gives around 100 mana each (0.5 gp/mana).
And for each stronger fluid, the little more it gives, but weights more and costs a lot more.

To compare mana fluids, if you chose the weakest one, you'll get around 27 times more mana per gold coin.
So if you aren't very rich, it's better to use the weaker manas, however if it could be nice to have a few strong ones in case of emergencies.

Notice: These manas aren't optimal to spamm while using conjure spells such as making runes, read the "Fun Fact" below why and how to optimize your conjuring.

Life Fluids
There's also 4 obtainable life fluids in the game, which at some point in the game could outheal an ultimate healing rune for knights, but cost a lot more than an ultimate healing rune.
Take a 200+ Elite knight for example, an ultimate life fluid could heal you almost twice as much as an ultimate healing rune, but in return costs 1,350 gp while the rune cost 175 max.
Also these fluids are heavy, so they're not the best to go out hunt for profit with, however it could be worth carrying a few in case you'd get almost headshot somewhere and ultimate healing rune can't keep your health up.

Fun Fact:
Normal 7.4 game play doesn't allow manas to be so cheap thanks to the point runes are cheap in mana and people would abuse this to get free magic levels and cheap runes.
However a system in the game made it possible to have these manas without people being able to abuse it for close to free runes.
The system work in a way to limit the amount of runes you can make while drinking manas, which will make you consider stop using manas or buy the runes instead.
The system wont make you cripple in the hunting grounds but will still make you annoyed to prefer not make runes while drinking manas. (same goes with any conjure spell)

However if you feel you want to use manas to use conjure spells there's an "old mana fluid" which is buyable in every mana shop.
This mana is ordinary with 7.4 game-style and allow you to use manas to create runes without you gaining too much advantages doing so by cheap mana and so on.
The "old mana fluid" cost 100 gp and gives AVG 65 mana.

You don't need blank runes to create runes.
It's possible to buy runes from any normal rune NPC.
However runes are expensive in 7.4 style, with the original 7.7+ prices of runes (175 gp for Uh, 325 for sds and so on..)
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