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12th December 2017We had an additional server-save today at 14:15 CET to correct an issue with the new healing limits in the events
11th December 2017Once more we have the top advertisement on OTServlist. With this we hope to bring a few new faces to DarkOT so the server can keep being active!
9th December 2017The bear task has been fixed so you can select the bear task after next server-save (Dec 10, 10:00 CET)
9th December 2017Today we had an extra server-save at 11:25 to fix an dangerous system bug (a bug that could crash the server if triggered)
5th December 2017DarkOT has a kick-protection system that save you from a death caused by kick, however if you abuse the system you'll get your account deleted without warnings. And yes indeed we know 100% if someone is abusing it.

Character Information
ProfessionMaster Sorcerer
HouseDarashia, Western Guildhall (Darashia)
Last LoginDecember 7th 2017, 23:02 CET

Account Information
CreatedSeptember 28th 2017, 04:40 CET
StatusPremium Account

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Quests view all quests >>
Behemoth questdemon shield, golden armor, guardian halberd, life ring, platinum amulet, 3 small diamonds, crystal ring, 4 small sapphires
Demon helmetdemon helmet, demon shield, steel boots
Demon keyKey: 6010, parchment, skull, bone, 2 talon, stealth ring
Orc fortressknight armor, knight axe, fire sword
Queen of the bansheesboots of haste, giant sword, tower shield, 100 platinum coins, stone skin amulet, stealth ring
Quest of Mortardemon backpack with 100 platinum coins, red spellwand and talons, also one out of: shield of mortar, margal boots, marm armor, robe of the master, club of starlight, sword of destruction, axe of masters
The Ancient Tombshelmet of the Ancients
The AnnihilatorOne of: demon armor, magic sword, stonecutter axe, present
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction600 gp, Gemmed Lamp, permission to trade with Yaman and Alesar, possibility to hunt Blue Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The Djinn War - Marid Faction3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, possibility to hunt Green Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The Dynams QuestMoon backpack, firewalker boots and one of: dynams axe, dynams mace, dynams blade, dynams crossbow, spellbook of secrets
The Pits QuestOne of winged helmet, war armor, war legs, bunny slippers, eagle shield, warrior's crossbow.

Exp History
Best Exp Day
2 day ago0
3 day ago0
4 day ago0
5 day ago0
6 day ago0
7 day ago0

Character Deaths
December 8th 2017, 00:03 CET
Killed at level 298 by 2 Bestles, 12 Cenaters, 6 Dragon Lords, Gladius, 2 Hunters, 8 Oysers, 7 Poliynsts, 13 Semsis, 7 Tyrants, 8 Waspids,
December 2nd 2017, 20:28 CET
Killed at level 302 by 4 Bestles, 3 Cenaters, Oyser, 2 Poliynsts, 5 Semsis, 4 Tyrants, 4 Waspids,
November 29th 2017, 05:44 CET
Killed at level 299 by 3 Bestles, Poliynst, Semsi, Waspid,
November 29th 2017, 05:26 CET
Killed at level 300 by 7 Bestles, 12 Cenaters, 5 Oysers, 5 Poliynsts, 14 Semsis, 10 Tyrants, 12 Waspids,
November 29th 2017, 05:23 CET
Killed at level 301 by Bestle, 3 Cenaters, Oyser, Poliynst, 2 Semsis, 4 Tyrants, 3 Waspids,
November 29th 2017, 05:20 CET
Killed at level 301 by Bestle, 7 Cenaters, 5 Oysers, 2 Poliynsts, 5 Semsis, 7 Waspids,
November 29th 2017, 04:59 CET
Killed at level 302 by Bestle, 2 Cenaters, Poliynst, 3 Semsis, Tyrant, Waspid,
November 29th 2017, 04:56 CET
Killed at level 303 by 4 Bestles, 5 Cenaters, 5 Oysers, 2 Poliynsts, 5 Semsis, 3 Tyrants, 4 Waspids,
November 29th 2017, 04:52 CET
Killed at level 304 by 4 Bestles, Buda, 4 Cenaters, Januzha, Leeee, 3 Oysers, 3 Poliynsts, 8 Semsis, 8 Tyrants, 2 Waspids,
November 29th 2017, 03:28 CET
Killed at level 304 by Bestle, Born To Fingerbang, Oyser, Semsi, Tyrant,
November 29th 2017, 03:23 CET
Killed at level 304 by 2 Bestles, 4 Cenaters, 2 Oysers, Poliynst, 5 Semsis, 2 Tyrants, 5 Waspids,
November 29th 2017, 02:56 CET
Killed at level 305 by 2 Bestles, Cenater, Poliynst, 2 Semsis, Tyrant,
November 28th 2017, 07:46 CET
Killed at level 305 by Bestle, 3 Cenaters, Oyser, Revolvas Twin, 3 Semsis, 3 Tyrants, 3 Waspids,
November 26th 2017, 11:43 CET
Killed at level 300 by Killaz, Rusher Paladin,
November 26th 2017, 07:58 CET
Killed at level 298 by 4 Grim Reapers,
November 26th 2017, 06:14 CET
Killed at level 296 by 14 Demon Skeletons, 3 Ghosts, 2 Grim Reapers, Vampire,
November 26th 2017, 05:40 CET
Killed at level 296 by 14 Demon Skeletons, 2 Ghosts, Ghoul, 4 Grim Reapers, Scorpion, Skeleton, Stalker,
November 26th 2017, 05:22 CET
Killed at level 296 by Grim Reaper,
November 26th 2017, 03:56 CET
Killed at level 294 by 10 Dragon Hatchlings, 5 Lizard Dragon Priests, 6 Lizard High Guards, 5 Lizard Legionnaires,
November 25th 2017, 19:15 CET
Killed at level 293 by 3 Ancient Scarabs, Any Oxy, 2 Banshees, Behemoth, 2 Dragons, 5 Dragon Lords, Gladius, 3 Hydras, Jabool, Perla Chmielowa, rouge killer, Vampire,
November 25th 2017, 00:45 CET
Killed at level 287 by Beckham Jr, Diabolico, Etherial, Hyper, Nightblade, Sesh'ard, Tamam Legend,
November 24th 2017, 20:54 CET
Killed at level 287 by Bestle, Cenater, 6 Dwarf Soldiers, 3 Semsis, Waspid,
November 24th 2017, 06:17 CET
Killed at level 288 by Bestle, Oyser, Poliynst, Tyrant, Waspid,
November 23rd 2017, 15:24 CET
Killed at level 286 by Jeb Zyda, Morfik, Muminex,
November 22nd 2017, 05:25 CET
Killed at level 281 by Bestle, Oyser, Poliynst, Tyrant, Waspid,
November 22nd 2017, 03:14 CET
Killed at level 285 by 3 Cenaters, 2 Oysers, 4 Semsis, 2 Tyrants, Waspid,
November 22nd 2017, 03:11 CET
Killed at level 286 by 2 Bestles, 2 Cenaters, Nuff Nuff, 3 Oysers, 2 Poliynsts, 2 Semsis, 4 Tyrants, Waspid,
November 18th 2017, 07:55 CET
Killed at level 284 by 3 Grim Reapers,


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