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16th November 2017Starting from Saturday morning at 00:00 CET until Tuesday 18:00 CET we have the top advertisement on OTServlist.
With this we hope to bring a few new faces to DarkOT so the server can keep being active!
16th November 2017We had an additional server-save at 15:55 CET to correct an issue causing items with magic boost not to show their stats when looking at them.
23rd October 2017If you block off an area with NPC or in other way make it impossible to pass, You will get punished without warnings.
17th October 2017Paypal has fixed their issue and is now working fully again!
16th October 2017Currently paypal has some issues that make you unable to donate using paypal.
We've contacted them about the issue and hope it will be resolved quickly.

Character Information
ProfessionMaster Sorcerer
GuildVice Leader of Jebaki Lesne
Last LoginNovember 18th 2017, 00:42 CET

Account Information
CreatedOctober 6th 2017, 23:18 CET
StatusPremium Account

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Quests view all quests >>
Behemoth questdemon shield, golden armor, guardian halberd, life ring, platinum amulet, 3 small diamonds, crystal ring, 4 small sapphires
Demon helmetdemon helmet, demon shield, steel boots
Demon keyKey: 6010, parchment, skull, bone, 2 talon, stealth ring
Orc fortressknight armor, knight axe, fire sword
Queen of the bansheesboots of haste, giant sword, tower shield, 100 platinum coins, stone skin amulet, stealth ring
The Ancient Tombshelmet of the Ancients
The AnnihilatorOne of: demon armor, magic sword, stonecutter axe, present
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction600 gp, Gemmed Lamp, permission to trade with Yaman and Alesar, possibility to hunt Blue Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The Djinn War - Marid Faction3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, possibility to hunt Green Djinns in Ankrahmun.
The Dynams QuestMoon backpack, firewalker boots and one of: dynams axe, dynams mace, dynams blade, dynams crossbow, spellbook of secrets
The Pits QuestOne of winged helmet, war armor, war legs, bunny slippers, eagle shield, warrior's crossbow.

Exp History
Best Exp Day
2 day ago0
3 day ago0
4 day ago0
5 day ago0
6 day ago+528
7 day ago+10,487,927

Character Deaths
November 12th 2017, 17:25 CET
Killed at level 240 by Apocalypze, Nuff nuff nuff, Undisturbed,
November 12th 2017, 17:21 CET
Killed at level 240 by Apocalypze, Nuff nuff nuff, Undisturbed, Youmirinmyaesthetics,
November 12th 2017, 17:13 CET
Killed at level 241 by Apocalypze, 2 Dwarf Soldiers, 4 Goblins, Miszczu, Nuff nuff nuff, Poison Spider, Undisturbed, 2 Wolfs,
November 11th 2017, 23:52 CET
Killed at level 225 by Hater, Nuff nuff nuff, Sir Borre, Smokey, Tana Saint, Unknowny,
November 11th 2017, 23:36 CET
Killed at level 226 by John Jorah, Smokey, Undisturbed, Unknowny,
November 11th 2017, 23:29 CET
Killed at level 226 by Hater, Nuff nuff nuff, Smokey, Undisturbed, Unknowny,
November 11th 2017, 23:13 CET
Killed at level 227 by Nuff nuff nuff, Smokey, Undisturbed, Unknowny,
November 11th 2017, 13:13 CET
Killed at level 201 by Ancient Scarab, 6 Dragon Lords, 3 Ghouls, 2 Giant Spiders,
November 9th 2017, 20:52 CET
Killed at level 201 by Nuff nuff nuff, Tarantula, Wizard Beas,
November 4th 2017, 22:39 CET
Killed at level 196 by Hotkey Effects, Masteron,
November 3rd 2017, 14:52 CET
Killed at level 193 by Dragon, 8 Dragon Lords, Elf Scout, 2 Ghouls, 3 Giant Spiders, Minotaur Archer,
November 3rd 2017, 08:52 CET
Killed at level 189 by Hotkey Effects, Jak Zawsze Swir, Rolox, Without Smile,
November 2nd 2017, 13:05 CET
Killed at level 184 by Cyclops, 3 Dragons, Dragon Lord, 2 Giant Spiders, Hunter, Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Rolox,
November 2nd 2017, 10:27 CET
Killed at level 184 by Hotkey Effects, Kalum, Upstate New Jersey,
November 2nd 2017, 02:14 CET
Killed at level 178 by Demon Skeleton, Doinke The Legend, Killaz, 3 Scorpions, Stalker,
November 2nd 2017, 02:10 CET
Killed at level 179 by 12 Demon Skeletons, Doinke The Legend, 5 Ghosts, 3 Ghouls, Grim Reaper, Killaz, Scorpion,
November 1st 2017, 23:14 CET
Killed at level 172 by 8 Demon Skeletons, Eagle Eye, Ghost, 2 Ghouls, Grim Reaper, Jabool, 2 Stalkers, 2 Vampires,
November 1st 2017, 20:31 CET
Killed at level 170 by Yes Man,
November 1st 2017, 15:50 CET
Killed at level 168 by Dragon Lord, Warlock,
November 1st 2017, 01:12 CET
Killed at level 165 by Apvral Lurifix, Grim Reaper, Masteron, Vampire,
October 30th 2017, 21:38 CET
Killed at level 163 by 3 Ghastly Dragons,
October 30th 2017, 19:47 CET
Killed at level 163 by Theodoric Isonomia, Zhjk Haron,
October 30th 2017, 19:38 CET
Killed at level 164 by Oddbods, Sellair, Theodoric Isonomia,
October 29th 2017, 17:17 CET
Killed at level 164 by 6 Demon Skeletons, 4 Elder Wyrms, Ghost, Kolczan, Wyrm,
October 29th 2017, 15:18 CET
Killed at level 161 by Grim Reaper,
October 26th 2017, 21:59 CET
Killed at level 151 by Adonis, Creator, 6 Demons, 3 Fire Elementals, Hater, 21 Hellspawns, 5 Plaguesmiths,
October 26th 2017, 19:31 CET
Killed at level 151 by Handy Mage, Naimad, Rolox,
October 25th 2017, 21:24 CET
Killed at level 151 by Apvral Lurifix, Boki Roki, Bulwa, Emil, Fire Elemental, Gibon, Kolczan, Laiskuus, Monk, Pablo Escobar, Pity, Rolox, Rulas, Shadows, Virgem,
October 23rd 2017, 19:36 CET
Killed at level 150 by Apvral Lurifix, El Grande, Fladish, Hopsin, Minotaur Mage, Rocky Bannks, Runkpapper,
October 23rd 2017, 16:55 CET
Killed at level 149 by 3 Dragon Hatchlings, 5 Lizard Dragon Priests, 4 Lizard High Guards, 8 Lizard Legionnaires,
October 21st 2017, 13:39 CET
Killed at level 142 by Apofex, Darwind, Rocky Bannks, Samzors Bodyguard,
October 21st 2017, 13:33 CET
Killed at level 142 by Apofex, Darwind, Naimad, Rocky Bannks,
October 19th 2017, 18:40 CET
Killed at level 139 by Adonis, Apofex, Apvral Lurifix, Masteron,


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