Aug 11 2019
DarkOT is launching on August 30, at 18:00 CEST.
Aug 06 2019
DarkOT has been moved to Miami for the upcoming Autumn 2019 launch.
You have client issues?
On this page you can find tips and tricks how to solve your problems whatever they are!
But please note, these tips and tricks are for Windows 7 or newer!
If you're running windows older than 7, such as Vista, XP m.m.. There aren't much support due to the fact that it's recommended to have windows 7 or newer for DarkOT client.


General Tips and Explanation of the client
The application you download from the website and run to open the client is called a Loader.
This is the application that start the client and make sure it's okay and up to date.
The small box "DarkOT Launcher" is the client loader, it will be the first one to show itself before the actual game opens.
Shortly after the game is opened, the loader will close itself automatically.
And the big box "DarkOT" is of course the client, the final game window.

When running the client, mind where you run it from!
As with many other games, you should always avoid starting them from the C:/ disk (the disk which your operation system is stored).
It's recommended that you store the game on another disk, like D:/, E:/ or whatever disks you might have.
If you don't have additional harddrives for your computer, you can store the client on your desktop, but make sure to run the game as "administrator" to avoid access issues.

Having the client on desktop or on C:/ drive might prevent the client from having enough access to read/write to its own files.
And that may cause the game to appear glitchy, and even make the game unable to save hotkeys, minimap and other settings.
Therefor, avoid C:/ drive for games, and if not possible, always run as admin (right click > run as admin).

If you aren't too experienced in computers and the text above seems to be in an alien language, please find someone who can help you out and explain it to you or help you set it up.

Latency Fix is something everyone should have installed.
It's an application that make your computer favor gaming packets more than other packets.
Which means that your system will favor online games more than your internet browser.
You wont notice any difference on browsers or other applications, but you may notice a huge difference in online games there the latency is very important.
How to install:
  1. Download Latency Fix.
  2. Unpack the .zip file on your desktop or anywhere you wish.
  3. Enter the folder and right-click on Leatrix_Latency_Fix_3.03.exe and chose run as admin.
  4. Click on the button Install.
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. You will now be better off in any online games!

Client loader wont start
Gives error or crashes The loader can run on most systems that's newer than windows 7, even if they're not updated, if you can't start the loader it means you don't have right drivers installed on your system.
Go to your control panel and check if windows has any updates for you!
The important ones is .NET updates.
Nothing happens If absolutely nothing happens, it means most likely that an antivirus is blocking it from starting.
You can test if the antivirus is affecting the loader by shutting it off and try to run the loader with the antivirus off.
If the loader starts working then, you just need to whitelist the loader in the antivirus.
Notice: Sometimes antiviruses "Ban" folders, so even with the antivirus off, the folder might still be banished and you can't use anything in it.
Solve that by downloading a new client, to a new folder with different name.
If the new folder works, but old doesn't, then you know the antivirus banned that folder and you might as well delete the old folder.
Loader disappears If the launcher disappears it's caused by your antivirus that thinks the loader is a virus.
To avoid this, either whitelist the entire game folder or the loader in your antivirus.
You can confirm it's the antivirus deleting the client by completely disabling it for a moment while you try to run the loader.
Antivirus blocked the client but even as off, client wont start Antiviruses often makes a "folder banishment" that makes anything within the client folder not being usable in any way.
To go around this, you need to download a fresh client and place it in a new folder with a different name.
Try starting the new client to confirm it works, after that, try experiment with the antivirus, try to whitelist the entire client folder.
We want the antivirus to be able to run while we play DarkOT.

Client loader starts but client doesn't
client crashes or gives
0x0000~ errors
This means you have missing drivers on your computer and the client crashes because it can't be loaded correctly.
Solve this by first making sure your system is up to date.
Go to your control panel and check if windows has any updates for you and if so, install them.
Remember to restart your computer to ensure that everything is loaded correctly on your system.
If the client still crashes, you'll need to install Visual C++ 2015 x86 (32 bit) (RUN AS ADMIN!).
You should install the 32 bit even if you run on a 64 bit system!
Restart your computer once the installer is completed, and try to run the client.
If the client are still crashing, you may need the Visual C++ 2015 x64 (64 bit) (RUN AS ADMIN!) version as well.
client crashes or gives
missing msvcp100.dll errors
This is a problem that can occur on some systems, mostly with the directX client.
To solve it, download Visual C++ 2010 x86 (RUN AS ADMIN!) and install it.
Loader Error:

Failed to connect to

Failed to update the client
This error occurs when the loader are unable to reach the DarkOT website to confirm client version.
Cause of this error is either: no internet access, firewall is blocking the loader from accessing the internet.
To solve this issue, make sure you have internet, and that your antivirus/firewall isn't blocking the loader.
Loader Error:
Failed to start client
Sometimes you get this error on slower computers because client takes too long to load, however if the client appears, you can just close the loader by the [X] button and everything will work fine.
However if the client never starts:
This error occurs when the antivirus is blocking the client from being loaded.
To fix this issue, whitelist the entire folder of the game client.

Other issues
Hotkeys/Minimap doesn't savePlase take a look at "When running the client, mind where you run it from!" in here:
General Tips and Explanation of the client
DirectX ProblemsIf you have issues with the directX with either errors or other, you may be missing drivers!
Download and install MicroSoft DirectX.

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