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25th September 2017DarkOT will launch on Sunday of October 1:st at 18:00 CEST.
1. Names
Offensive names or names related to an official position will get you banished.

2. Statements

a) Offensive Statement
Insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally objectionable statements.
b) Spamming
Repeating identical or similar statements within a short period of time or using badly formatted or nonsensical text.
c) Illegal Advertising
Advertising content which is not related to the game or offering Tibia items for real money.
d) Off-Topic Public Statement
Religious, political or other not topic-related public statements in the game or on the website.
e) Non-English Public Statement
Non-English public statements in the game or on the website where the use of other languages is not explicitly allowed.
f) Inciting Rule Violation
Statements that imply or incite a violation of the Tibia Rules.
g) Flaming in DarkOT
Talk bad about the server and flaming will get you banished.

3. Cheating

a) Bug Abuse
Exploiting obvious errors of the game, for instance to duplicate items. If you find an error, you must report it immediately.
b) Game Weakness Abuse
Intentional abuse of weaknesses in the gameplay, for example arranging objects or characters in a way that other players cannot move them.
c) Using Unofficial Software to Play
Manipulating the client program or using additional software to play the game.
d) Hacking
Trying to steal other players' account data.
e) Account Trading or Sharing
Offering account data to other players or accepting other players' account data.
having farms or similar to gain extra advantages ingame.
f) Item selling
Trading or selling items in DarkOT for items in other games
g) sharing links to download/information about cheating softwares.
h) Creating redskull-traps.

4. Gamemasters

a) Threatening Gamemaster
Threatening a gamemaster because of his or her actions or position as a gamemaster.
b) Pretending to Have Influence on Rule Enforcement
Pretending to be a gamemaster or to have influence on the decisions of a gamemaster.
c) False Report to Gamemaster
Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to a gamemaster concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations.
d) Pissing Gms and above off
Pissing a Gm or above off with either flaming or similar stuffs will get you banished.

5. Attacking the game
Attacking the game of DarkOT with DDos, Dos, Ping or in any other way will get you banished.
Also you will face a serial of real life consequences such as police report with more.

6. Donation & Support the game
a) If you have donated and haven't read the donation policy of make a big deal out of lost donation gifts because of rollbacks or similar will get you banished.
You are not allowed to donate if you do not understand what donation is and/or don't respect the agreement of donating.
b) Bother other games and/or OT servers by login and flame and advertise DarkOT in there will get you banished shortly.
c) Pretend to be a helper in a programming/scripting way will get you banished.

7. Channels
a) sending non-chat related line in game chat (such as, selling/buying stuffs, and looking for team to quests m.m).
b) Non-English statement in other public channels than Default. (English is only language allowed in public channels except default).

8. Names
a) Insulting names.
b) Unreadable Names (random letters etc, heiwnxujebyabnwin).
c) Names to pretend to be a staff member.

9. Behavior
a) Trashing houses will end with complete record-deletion of the guy trashing the house (trashing = throwing endless of items into another players house).
b) Blocking paths there it's not possible to push/attack you(Etc completely block path in PZ zone or other un-attackable places).
c) Defending a deleted cheater(keep spamming around or keep messaging staff members trying to convince they're innocent).
d) Asking for why someone has been banished/deleted after warnings to stop ask(People who can't accept being punished).

Breaking rules above might get you banished/deleted, however valid banishments/deletions are not limited to the actions taken from above.
Breaking a rule will make you face in game consequences, and in some cases even real life consequences.
Getting Banished can in some cases lead to permanent IP-Banishment and/or deletion of all your accounts/characters.
If you gain a permanent IP-Banishment you are not allowed to return to DarkOT.

These rules may change anytime
If changed it will appear on news, and as agreement you must view them before continue playing DarkOT.


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