Aug 11 2019
DarkOT is launching on August 30, at 18:00 CEST.
Aug 06 2019
DarkOT has been moved to Miami for the upcoming Autumn 2019 launch.
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Conjure Arrow (exevo con) Support Instant 2 40 free
Conjure Sniper Arrow (exevo con hur) Support Instant 4 60 free
Conjure Onyx Arrow (exevo con gran) Support Instant 12 120 free
Conjure Bolt (exevo con mort) Support Instant 6 70 free
Conjure Piercing Bolt (exevo con grav) Support Instant 8 80 free
Conjure Explosive Arrow (exevo con flam) Support Instant 10 120 free
Conjure Poisoned Arrow (exevo con pox) Support Instant 5 70 free
Conjure Power Bolt (exevo con vis) Support Instant 14 200 free
Enchant Staff (exeta vis) Support Instant 22 80 free
Animate Dead Rune (adana mort) Support Rune 7 300 free
Antidote Rune (adana pox) Healing Rune 5 50 free
Chameleon Rune (adevo ina) Support Rune 11 150 free
Convince Creature Rune (adeta sio) Support Rune 10 100 free
Disintegrate Rune (adito tera) Support Rune 8 100 free
Destroy Field Rune (adito grav) Support Rune 6 60 free
Energy Field Rune (adevo grav vis) Attack Rune 5 80 free
Energy Wall Rune (adevo mas grav vis) Attack Rune 18 250 free
Energy Bomb Rune (adevo mas vis) Attack Rune 18 220 free
Explosion Rune (adevo mas hur) Attack Rune 12 180 free
Fire Field Rune (adevo grav flam) Attack Rune 3 60 free
Fire Wall Rune (adevo mas grav flam) Attack Rune 13 200 free
Fireball Rune (adori flam) Attack Rune 5 60 free
Fire Bomb Rune (adevo mas flam) Attack Rune 9 150 free
Heavy Magic Missile Rune (adori gran) Attack Rune 3 70 free
Icicle Rune (adori frigo) Attack Rune 4 85 free
Intense Healing Rune (adura gran) Healing Rune 4 60 free
Great Fireball Rune (adori gran flam) Attack Rune 9 120 free
Avalanche Rune (adori gran frigo) Attack Rune 11 150 free
Light Magic Missile Rune (adori) Attack Rune 1 40 free
Magic Wall Rune (adevo grav tera) Support Rune 14 250 free
Paralyze Rune (adana ani) Support Rune 35 900 free
Poison Field Rune (adevo grav pox) Attack Rune 2 50 free
Poison Wall Rune (adevo mas grav pox) Attack Rune 11 160 free
Soulfire Rune (adevo res flam) Attack Rune 13 150 free
Sudden Death Rune (adori vita vis) Attack Rune 25 220 free
Ultimate Healing Rune (adura vita) Healing Rune 11 100 free
Stalagmite Rune (adori tera) Attack Rune 3 65 free
Poison Bomb Rune (adevo mas pox) Attack Rune 8 130 free
Conjure Food (exevo pan) Support Instant 0 30 free
Cure Poison (exana pox) Healing Instant 2 30 free
Berserk (exori) Attack Instant 5 150 free
Cancel Invisibility (exana ina) Support Instant 12 200 free
Challenge (exeta res) Support Instant 4 60 free
Creature Illusion (utevo res ina) Support Instant 10 100 free
Energy Beam (exevo vis lux) Attack Instant 10 100 free
Energy Strike (exori vis) Attack Instant 3 20 free
Energy Wave (exevo mort hur) Attack Instant 20 250 free
Find Person (exiva) Support Instant 0 20 free
Fire Wave (exevo flam hur) Attack Instant 7 80 free
Flame Strike (exori flam) Attack Instant 3 20 free
Force Strike (exori mort) Attack Instant 2 20 free
Great Energy Beam (exevo gran vis lux) Attack Instant 14 200 free
Great Light (utevo gran lux) Support Instant 3 60 free
Haste (utani hur) Support Instant 4 60 free
Heal Friend (exura sio) Healing Instant 7 60 free
Intense Healing (exura gran) Healing Instant 2 40 free
Invisibility (utana vid) Support Instant 15 210 free
Levitate (exani hur) Support Instant 3 50 free
Light (utevo lux) Support Instant 0 20 free
Light Healing (exura) Healing Instant 1 25 free
Magic Rope (exani tera) Support Instant 1 20 free
Magic Shield (utamo vita) Support Instant 1 50 free
Mass Healing (exura gran mas res) Healing Instant 19 150 free
Poison Storm (exevo gran mas pox) Attack Instant 28 500 free
Fire Storm (exevo gran mas flam) Attack Instant 28 600 free
Strong Haste (utani gran hur) Support Instant 8 100 free
Summon Creature (utevo res) Support Instant 16 var free
Ultimate Explosion (exevo gran mas vis) Attack Instant 40 800 free
Eternal Winter (exevo gran mas frigo) Attack Instant 40 800 free
Ultimate Healing (exura vita) Healing Instant 8 80 free
Ultimate Light (utevo vis lux) Support Instant 12 140 free
Wild Growth (exevo grav vita) Support Instant 13 220 free
Undead Legion (exana mas mort) Support Instant 15 500 free
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