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20th March 2018Tibia Coin Donations has been changed. From now on you get more bonus the more you donate at same time, Similar to PayPal/PayGol donations.
11th March 2018A compensation in form of donation points has been given out for the unexpected downtime since early this morning. You can check how much you were compensated in your donation history on the website.
9th March 2018!partyoutfit and !guildoutfit commands have been fixed and are working as intended again.
9th March 2018An issue was fixed with the character-auctions that caused the auctions to never really start.
5th March 2018A compensation has been sent out to all accounts (donation points). How much compensation you got? Login to the website and click on "Donation History" and you can see how much you got.
Welcome to DarkOT 7.4!
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March 9th 2018, 14:24 CET - DarkOT is currently looking for Gamemasters in Australia!
Do you enjoy helping people?
Are you mature and can keep calm even in rough situations?
Do you like new challenges that may come over time?

Then maybe this is something for you!

DarkOT is currently looking for Gamemasters that will migrate to our upcoming MasterCores game.
As a Gamemaster in DarkOT your duty will mostly being support towards players, answer their questions.
Your duty will also involve showing that you can learn and keep facts straight, this will be done by learning DarkOT completely with finals before migration to MasterCores.
It is important that every Gamemaster that migrate to MasterCores is of high quality and high standards.

  • You must live in Australia
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must understand, read, write and speak fluent English.
  • Kind and friendly attitude towards everyone.
  • No loose cannons - you can't lose your temper in tough situations.
  • Activity for approximately half an hour every day, at least to check out reports and the staff boards to keep updated.
  • Generally helpful and nice person who is capable of working in a team and follow the rules

If you're right for the position, you will have a long journey together with MasterCores into the future.

Send an application to:
The title should be: "DarkOT Gamemaster Application AU".
If you fail to use that title, your application will be automatically declined, as it proved you didn't read carefully enough.
We're looking for people who isn't lazy and can read full text without skipping to good parts.

The application should contain information about you:
  • Age
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Location (country and which part of it)
  • Languages (Your native, and whatever else you have)
  • Short story who you are. (we don't care if you know code or not, we want to hear who you are as a person)

Fail to include that information will also end up with declined application.
It's important that Gamemasters can read full text and give clear and straight answers from first attempt.

Created by Marcus
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March 7th 2018, 22:09 CET - Massive TeamBattle Event
Here's 2 screens from how the event was looking like during a period

We hope all of you enjoyed the event!

Created by Marcus
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March 7th 2018, 19:30 CET - 700 player milestone celebration!
Today we broke our 700 player milestone!

To celebrate this we're running a Massive Team Battle Event there everyone above level 50 will be sent into.
The event will take place at 21:00 CET tonight.

In the events you can die without losing items/skill/aol/bless or anything else!
You can read about the Team Battle Event here.

Created by Marcus
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March 6th 2018, 20:35 CET - New records!
Today we got this gem!

Thank you all for playing, and we certainly hope you all are enjoying DarkOT!

Created by Marcus
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March 6th 2018, 14:40 CET - DarkOT was moved back to the wings of OVH
As we all experienced, the dedicated company DarkOT was hosted in, LimeStoneNetworks, wasn't very good when it came to DDos.
Downtimes, laggs and issues.

Due to this we decided to cut LimeStoneNetworks out of our lives and roll with OVH instead which can handle DDos attacks.

We thank everyone who understood how heavy this work was to be done, and what kind of pressure it was against the staff with hundreds of players spamming.

DarkOT is now expected to roll fine without anymore downtimes, laggs or kicks.
We hope you will enjoy keep playing DarkOT.

Created by Marcus
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