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31st December 2017Today is the last day of Santa and ability to loot Christmas tokens! by Server save at 10:00 CET, January 1:st both Santa and looting Christmas tokens will be gone.
29th December 2017We are currently testing how it will work out if you gain Game-Worth twice as fast between 0-100%, and normal speed after you pass 100%.
28th December 2017Remember to do your deals with Santa before December 31! Because on New Years eve Santa will leave Thais.
As for the Christmas tokens, you'll stop looting them at same time Santa is gone.
21st December 2017For today we're testing to allow low GameWorth players to be able to deal 100% damage to other players who attacked them first. (self-defense). Keep in mind that this is just for testing now, GW-Self-Defense may be permanent, or removed, depending on how well it works out.
12th December 2017We had an additional server-save today at 14:15 CET to correct an issue with the new healing limits in the events
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January 16th 2018, 19:06 CET - DarkOT movement to Texas
Sometime during this week DarkOT will be moved from New York to Texas as planned.

This is to favor more American players, Specially West-Coast and South America.

Created by Marcus
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January 14th 2018, 15:26 CET - I'm wasted, not gone
If you wonder where I've been lately..

ClassicOT have been under massive attacks for a few days and I work there 20 hours/day on AVG to prevent it.
Just take a look and you'll understand the amount of shit I've had to deal with lately

As soon I get more control of everything, I will proceed with the movement of DarkOT to Texas.


Created by Marcus
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January 6th 2018, 10:44 CET - Keep in mind
Now when the European server ClassicOT started, DarkOT will have lower player online for few days.
Also keep in mind that now European players will favor ClassicOT, which means that every morning there will be a lot less players.
Simple because when all American players sleep, there wont be European players covering the online amount.

So please, don't see this as a sign that the server is dying.. because it's not..
It's just adapting to the changes of DarkOT.

Second the player count will grow up very nice again once DarkOT is moved to Texas and will allow a lot more Americans play without latency.

Stay calm, and keep having fun! :)

Created by Marcus
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January 2nd 2018, 20:06 CET - DarkOT stay alive!
We would like to thank you all for staying with DarkOT!

It have now been 3 months since the last reset (October 1:st) and we still have a living community and it doesn't look like that would change anytime soon!
As many of you might know, 3 months running as a oldschool highrate server, that's very impressive!

We hope you will stay around for a long time and keep enjoying the unique things you may experience in DarkOT.
And we also hope that you'll end up having a great 2018!

Sincerely, Your Administrator!

Created by Marcus
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December 31st 2017, 16:03 CET - Happy new year!
Happy new year to everyone!

Created by Marcus
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