May 13 2019
An issue in character auctions has been fixed there a bought character could go back to the next auction.
Apr 24 2019
Purchases made with PayGol yesterday during the domain-downtime have been corrected and points/logs have been added to the affected accounts.
Apr 14 2019
DarkOT is launching on April 19, at 18:00 CEST.

May 22 2019
Client launcher update
Today we updated our client launcher.

To run the client you'll need to download the launcher again in downloads.
You can if you'd like, delete your old launchers and just place the new ones in the same folder.

The update is about giving the launchers wider support among windows systems.
Also that antiviruses should stop trying to block the client.

Our goal is to achieve a trusted client that will work on all windows systems without antiviruses/firewalls are trying to block it.

Apr 23 2019
Domain Provider Failure

UPDATE: domains are back online and the temp-launcher has been deactivated.

Today the provider of our domains (, along others) has some DNS related problems which made the domains completely useless.

To work around this, we switch from domain to IP address until the problem is resolved.

The client of DarkOT rely on the domain to check for version and updates, which make you can't start the client.
However, if you download this temporary launcher and place it in same folder as where you normally start the client, you'll be able to start the client so you can login and continue to play.
temporary DarkOT launcher.exe

We hope this issue is resolved soon!

DarkOT Staff

Apr 20 2019
DarkOT launched successfully!
Last night DarkOT launched quite successfully with no kind of downtimes or other issues that prevented players from playing.

However a few "silent" issues was found and was patched with the update-save today at 12:00 CEST.
Fixes applied with this update:
  • Fixed a map glitch in Fibula rotworm cave.
  • Fixed an issue in the events.
  • Fixed an issue that made Last Man Standing Event to finish after 10 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue that made you unable to parcel to characters that had spacing in their name.

I hop you all enjoy DarkOT and that you will continue to enjoy DarkOT for a long time!

Apr 14 2019
DarkOT making a comeback in Europe!

The Strength and Stability of MasterCores
The logic and aspect of DarkOT

The child of crazy strength and fun!
DarkOT was originally opened in 2013, and became more and more successful for every year that passed due to it's "twisted" gameplay.
The aspect of the game were still in 7.4 as intended but with a twist of new and old such as stackable runes and fluids.
Along with that multiple mana and life fluids were added that were stronger and more expensive to enchant the gaming experience.

DarkOT was designed not to be the common 7.4 hardcore grinding game there you grind for weeks and lost half of it during a war.
No, DarkOT wasn't even about being lvl 50-100.. DarkOT is about having fun, and reaching incredible levels!
In traditional 7.4 the game turns boring shortly after level 100, but in DarkOT.. you'll be having fun far above level 300!

But, the original DarkOT core engine and systems became ancient, and gradually ran out of support in the modern technologies and softwares, which made it become weaker and weaker for every year, in 2017 it was at it's weakest peak with daily crashes, freezes and lagg issues, but no matter those issues, it was a very popular game!
crashes were annoying, but we had security against it which ensured you'd never lose any gaming time during crashes.
Due to the weakness and problems, it was decided to close down DarkOT in early 2018.

Now in 2019:
We decided to bring DarkOT back, but we knew we couldn't do it by just fire up the old game.. it's too weak and unstable.
Which lead us to create a brand new core and system of DarkOT, based on MasterCores.
We used the strength and stability of MasterCores, and we took the aspect and logic of DarkOT, to create this newest version of DarkOT which has become very powerful and stable.
The strength and stability of new DarkOT can't be compared with the old one, it's just way out of the charts.
And that is something, you will notice when you step a foot in the new DarkOT!

Quick Info:
You can find all information you need in our about page.
But if you're lazy, you can find a handful of information below:

Experience: 100x - 3x Experience Table.
Skills: 35x
Magic: 35x
Loot: 5x
Regen: Vocations.
Fluids & Runes: Fluids.
Exp-Share: Share.

Free Access:
  • Trades with Djinns & Rashid (Djinns is original locations, Rashid is in Darashia)
  • Deeper Banuta
  • Forbidden Lands

PVP Exp & Frags: PVP.
Guild War: War.

Links worthy to visit:
DarkOT is launching in Europe on April 19, at 18:00 CEST.
I hope you're really hyped for DarkOT's comeback!

DarkOT staff
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