Sep 01 2019
If you wish to use ExitLag to reduce your latency you can use "Proxy Miami" in character-list until ExitLag themselves fixes so their software detects DarkOT.
Aug 11 2019
DarkOT is launching on August 30, at 18:00 CEST.
Aug 06 2019
DarkOT has been moved to Miami for the upcoming Autumn 2019 launch.

Sep 04 2019
Auction issue fixed
The last few days there's been an issue that have prevented char-sellers to recieve their points of auctioned characters.
This issue has been fixed, and all who auctioned away their chars has recieved their points.

Aug 11 2019
DarkOT launching in Miami, August 30, 18:00 CEST

DarkOT launching on August 30, 18:00 CEST
DarkOT is the perfect game for you who's looking for seasonal game that both offers RPG and PVP related havoc!
DarkOT is the oldschool highrate with a twist of old and new things that stay alive longer than any other server of the mid/highrated oldschool category!
While other options of servers normally only stays alive for days, sometime weeks, DarkOT stay alive and raise havoc for months!

We are now launching DarkOT in Miami which will offer more people an acceptable connections so many more from all around the world can enjoy DarkOT!

Characters can now be created!
Character creations will be opened 1 hour before the game launches!

Quick Info:
You can find all information you need in our about page.
But if you're lazy, you can find a handful of information below:

Experience: 100x - 3x Experience Table.
Skills: 35x
Magic: 35x
Loot: 5x
Regen: Vocations.
Fluids & Runes: Fluids.
Exp-Share: Share.

Free Access:

  • Trades with Djinns & Rashid (Djinns is original locations, Rashid is in Darashia)
  • Deeper Banuta
  • Forbidden Lands

PVP Exp & Frags: PVP.
Guild War: War.

Links worthy to visit:
DarkOT is launching in Miami on August 30, at 18:00 CEST.

DarkOT staff
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