Aug 11 2019
DarkOT is launching on August 30, at 18:00 CEST.
Aug 06 2019
DarkOT has been moved to Miami for the upcoming Autumn 2019 launch.
Character:Admin Marcus
Family:Wife (28), daughter (5), dog (2)
Languages:Swedish, English
Joined:May 22 2017

  • Administrator
  • Founder of DarkOT
  • Website developer, designer, maintainer
  • Game developer, designed, maintainer
My name is Marcus, and I'm the sole creator of DarkOT!
I'm a simple guy that loves being near nature, and I care a lot for the well being of the nature.
I'm also the honest guy, I wouldn't lie, steal or hurt anyone for any reason. not by intention at least.
During my young years I grew a huge interest in building codes, and I'm also fairly stubborn, I'm not the one to give up for any reason.
Most of my skills are self taught, out of pure stubbornness, which gave me an additional very valuable skill.. I can get into a new area and learn it very quickly without help from others.
This came very handy when I was building games, websites and did everything myself.
Today I'm a true all-around handyman, everything from codes, to installing and setting up computers on various operation systems.
I did attend to a programming school some year ago, however I quit it when it turned out that I knew more than the teachers.
While other students was building calculators, I was writing game engines and map editors for fun as a school project.

Character:Admin Ralumbi
Family:Wife (25), Ferret(2)
Languages:Dutch, English
Joined:Apr 04 2018

  • Administrator
  • Support Member
Hey There!
My name is Caleb aka Ralumbi, I might be one of the newer players of Marcus his productions. I have played some on ClassicOT, DarkOT and the 2012 version of MasterCores. You won't remember my name very well since I am always been playing as a 'loner'. I've started tibia when I was at the age of 11 (winter 7.1 I believe) which was too young to understand the mechanics of the game, but I have been enjoying it a lot since then, been playing some what casual until 8.6 which made the game ruined for me. But after all, there was a guy named Marcus and brought back the old 7.4 community !, this made me feel the game again. Since I was a loner I was always happy to help where I can when new players came in and thought them everything I thought myself in-game. My interests are Coding, Scripting and ruining my own life :). I am always there to help, anyway as some of you may know a question answered by me can end up with in a conversation filled with dry humor.
Don't hesitate if you are in need of a chat !
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